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Some fruits are very seasonal and too much is produced at one time. We show you how to freeze the various fruits and let you know how long they will keep in your freezer.

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How to Freeze Gooseberries

Gooseberries are one of the easiest fruits to freeze. The established view is that they should be frozen on a tray first and then transferred to more permanent containers for freezing long term. I can only assume that this advice has come from Mrs Beeton's Cookbook and then propagated around various websites from then on!

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Freezing gooseberries on trays first is time-consuming and unnecessary. And this advice comes from someone experienced in freezing gooseberries for many years. Step by step instructions which work and save time are listed below.

  1. Wash your freshly picked gooseberries to remove any leaves
    and debris.
  2. Top and tail your gooseberries to remove the stalk and tail.
    If you try and do this after de-frosting frozen gooseberries the
    job will be ten times worse because the individual gooseberries
    are then very soft.
  3. Pat the gooseberries with a tea towel or kitchen paper to
    remove most of the water on the surface.
  4. Place your gooseberries into a freezer bag. Tie the bag
    removing as much "air" as possible. Label with contents
    and date of freezing.
  5. Place the packed gooseberries in the lowest part of your
    freezer to ensure they freeze as quick as possible. In truth,
    nothing more need be done. The berries are so large that they
    easily separate into manageable portions when taken from the
    freezer. But the next step will ensure they remain even more
    able to be separated into portions.
  6. Set your kitchen timer for 90 minutes. When it sounds the
    alarm, briefly take your part frozen gooseberries from the
    freezer and jiggle them about a bit to separate them. Place them back in the freezer.

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