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 Leek and Potato Soup Recipe Comments Page 1

We've received too many comments to include all of them on the main leek and potato soup recipe page. So, the older ones are included on this page below.

Not Given
6 December 2011
From: Not Given
Haven't put the cream in yet, I'll wait till dinner but tastes so good without it, so easy to make, will definitely make again, yummy, thanks.
5 star rating
6 December 2011
From: Rachel
So easy 2 make and tastes fab will defo do again :)
5 star rating
6 December 2011
From: Sarah
Smells good but got double cream will that be ok
4 star rating
17 December 2011
From: Dean
Add pomegranate right before serving for a twist.
5 star rating
11 January 2012
From: Lynn
Easy and soooo delicious, a real winner!
5 star rating
15 January 2012
From: Abbey
5 star rating
09 January 2012
From: Elizabeth
Excellent - dad having come to live with us I'm required to start proper cooking and this is big big hit with all of us!
5 star rating
15 January 2012
From: Hugh
Great easy to make soup. Tried small additions such as finely chopped onion at stage one or adding a tea spoon of mild curry powder and they all still tasted great.
5 star rating
17 January 2012
From: Em
Absolutely delicious and super easy to make. Me and my younger sister made this as a starter for our family! I would recommend hand whisking the soup as well and otherwise it is very lumpy!
5 star rating
22 January 2012
From: Lorraine
The family really enjoyed this easy to make soup. I blended half the soup and then returned to the pan and it was soooooooo delicious, both children had two bowl fulls! Thank you
5 star rating
22 January 2012
From: Rita
Delicious, quick and brilliant :)
5 star rating
22 January 2012
From: Karin
This is great as is-my gran made it with carrots and bacon added to step one and served it with *onion cake* just a germ dough (like pizza)with onions, sour cream and bacon topping (it's a German traditional meal that way).
5 star rating
26 January 2012
From: Not Given
how thoughtfully presented recipe! Thank you.
5 star rating
20 November 2011
From: Paul T
As we had leeks in the garden and kids don't care for it so much searched for a good old fashioned L and P recipe in memory of our Granny who passed away last week. Brilliant recipe, instructions and advice. Thank you. Kids Love it too.
5 star rating
21 November 2011
From: liezel
A family favourite!
5 star rating
22 November 2011
From: Not Given
Tasty and easy to make. I used stock cubes, so didn't add any extra salt.
5 star rating
24 November 2011
From: Kate R
Amazing!!! Had an operation on jaw so cannot eat anything but soup...this is the first one I made and don't think I'll bother eating normal food again!!!
5 star rating
26 November 2011
From: Joanne
This is the first time ever for soup ....and this is good
Not Given
28 November 2011
From: Shirl
Just yummy!!
5 star rating
2 December 2011
From: Not Given
Gorgeous soup and really easy to follow recipe. Tastes just as good without the cream or milk for a low-fat version. I'll definitely be making this again!
5 star rating
3 December 2011
From: Hayley
Wasn't sure at first if this was going to work out because there were so few ingredients and the steps seemed to simple- boy was I wrong fab soup!
5 star rating
3 December 2011
From: Afua
So easy and delicious.
5 star rating
5 December 2011
From: Mafrion
Soooooo simple and delicious thanks.
5 star rating
7 November 2011
From: Clare
First time making this and it turned out brilliantly - so tasty and so simple! Thanks so much :)
5 star rating
11 November 2011
From: Jordyn
So yummy!! I double the recipe and froze the other half because it is that good!!
5 star rating
14 November 2011
From: Not Given
Very easy to make and tasty.
4 star rating
14 November 2011
From: Mark
Such a tasty recipe!
5 star rating
14 November 2011
From: Lizzie G
Really scrummy, enjoyed by 3 generations this evening! Will be making again in bulk to freeze.
5 star rating
16 November 2011
From: T
For those with a lactose intolerance I used a creamy style soy milk, added it just at the end it worked fine, was sooo nice and warming.
5 star rating
18 November 2011
From: Betty
I almost look forward to winter to start making this quick and easy delicious soup again yum yum.
5 star rating
22 September 2011
From: Lisa Jackson
If you were served this soup in a restaurant you'd definitely be back for more!! Can't believe how simple it was to make. Yummy.
5 star rating
24 September 2011
From: Galv Broughton
Yummy de yum thank u loads!!!
5 star rating
26 September 2011
From: Jacki
Just made this soup for family today, so easy to make, hope it tastes as nice as it looks and smells.
5 star rating
29 September 2011
From: Hazel Balkham
So easy and so yummy.
5 star rating
4 October 2011
From: Gareth Browne
I have used this recipe too many times to count. I brought it back out to play every winter since discovering it. My wife and I both can't get enough. Thanks.
5 star rating
8 October 2011
From: Gareth Marie
Easy recipe to follow, fantastic flavours, clean plates all round!
5 star rating
8 October 2011
From: Simon Rainer
Excellent recipe. I add a couple of red chillis in the colder months!
4 star rating
9 October 2011
From: Evelyn
Great soup! thanks a lot, I love l&p soup and this recipe hits the right notes. In no time at all.
4 star rating
10 October 2011
From: John R
Doubles up really easy. I grow my own leeks and potatoes just to make this soup. Love it:)
5 star rating
10 October 2011
From: Peter
Just great have made a batch for my daughter, my wife loved it, did not believe I made it, thank you.
5 star rating
12 October 2011
From: Arthur Crow
For a real take off of this soup, just add four strips of bacon.
4 star rating
12 October 2011
From: Not Given
Yom yum yum and better next day.
5 star rating
13 October 2011
From: Jeff G
The soup was excellent! Made it last week and I think I will make it again tonight.
5 star rating
5 November 2011
From: Cath
Never made soup before, this was so easy and tasted great.
5 star rating
6 November 2011
From: Giorgia Dona
Thank you so much. I am not a good cook and your recipe is so clearly explained that even I could make a very tasty soup. You are a great cook and a wonderful teacher.
22 January 2011 From: Ann McB
Here's something to try - it's good the first day but incredibly better the second.  Put it in the fridge for a day-if you can keep from eating it right then!

24 January 2011 From: Jay Allen
Made this for the first time as wife was away. Dead easy and delicious. First batch gone in minutes!! Thanks.

24 January 2011 From: Tommy Foxe
This is just brilliant. All the family loved it. Fantastic on these cold days. Tommy

26 January 2011 From: Bill Marlow
Outstanding soup have made twice but will make a lot more often.

26 January 2011 From: Marva
Lovely recipe, fabulous site!!! Having this soup for dinner now!!

02 June 2011 From: kevi g
Wow, fantastic taste, easy and it impressed the in-laws.

11 June 2011 From: Jemima
Really, really delicious and great. The kids love it, and it is so, so easy!

4 July 2011 From: Craig
This is a very good leek and potato soup, I tend to triple everything and freeze it as its so good. Everyone seems to say its easy to cook.

16 July 2011 From: Suzanne
I use a hand mixer (boat motor for Emeril fans) and sprinkle crisp bacon bits on each bowl. My husband loves this soup.

18 July 2011 From: Lorraine
This is a fab soup. I'll have to double up next time as it didn't last long with all the second helpings.:-)

25 July 2011 From: Reid
Thank you so much, I have been looking for this recipe for quite
some time! It comes out just so perfectly. Two thumbs up!

25 July 2011 From: Sharon Yallop
Lovely easy soup, never made soup before, found this one so
easy!!! Will be making again.

20 August 2011 From: Helen
Very easy and quick to make when unexpected people arrive for lunch.
Nice with crunchy bread rolls.

29 August 2011 From: Judith
Lovely soup and simple to make, will be making this a lot more
especially in the winter !!!

20 September 2011 From: Kitty
This is the best leek and potato soup recipe. Really simple to make and so delicious.

22 September 2011 From: Joana Hassan
Lovely soup, easy to make and the whole family love to tuck in to it with some crusty bread.
12 January 2011 From: Mike
Love this recipe use it all the time. the soup is gorgeous.

13 January 2011 From: Sumit Chauhan
This is very good soup.

13 January 2011 From: Not Given
Great soup just made it.

16 January 2011 From: Robbie
Really easy to make and delicious!! Great way to get the kids to eat vegetables!!

16 January 2011 From: Mike Round
First discovered this recipe about 2 years ago and have been using it ever since, fantastic!!

17 January 2011 From: Anthony
So easy, I added a small (VERY SMALL) chilli pepper to give it an added Zing!

19 January 2011 From: Prissy Moss
Excellent came out puuuurrrrrfect!  I am going to start using leeks, maybe even start growing them.

19 January 2011 From: Sonia
1st time making it, wow my hubby and kids looking for more!! Thank you

20 January 2011 From: Kathleen
Absolutely lovely! I doubled this immediately--why go to all that work for one meal? But I'm vegan, so I substituted the chicken stock with chicken-flavored stock, and instead of the milk I substituted my standard cream soup replacement:
Blend at high speed 1 cup RAW cashews with 1 cup water, until thick and not grainy. (Feel between fingers)
Add another cup of water, 2 TBSP cornstarch, 2 TBSP vegan chicken powder,
2 tsp onion powder, and salt to your taste--I use 1/2 - 1 tsp.

You can add this right into your soup and let come to a simmer. Soup will thicken a bit.

You can also use this recipe as a cream sauce base for whatever your little heart pleases. Bring to a boil on the stove, and add another 1 1/2 c. more water as it thickens. (This recipe is from the 7 Secrets Cookbook by Neva and Jim Brackett--a great basic vegan cookbook.)

02 January 2011 From: Sixoclockticket
Lovely soup, nice and easy, and the recipe was simple to follow with lots of good tips. I'll up the pepper next time.

04 January 2011 From: Vera
First time making this leek and potato soup, won't be the last.

06 January 2011 From: Alice
Lovely soup. I substituted the butter for olive oil and did not add the milk. (After Christmas and need to lose some pounds!!)

06 January 2011 From: Dess
Went down like a treat last night for me x my other half :-)

06 January 2011 From: Not Given

06 January 2011 From: Adele
Delicious! I have made this recipe a few times now, it's so simple and very tasty.. love it, Thank you.

07 January 2011 From: Jenni
This is PERFECT. Easy to make and very tasty - note to self - make more next time!

07 January 2011 From: Paul
So easy to make and as so many others have said a really nice Wintery Soup....

07 January 2011 From: Lucy
2nd time I've used this recipe. Made double the first time and the pan emptied quicker then id filled. delish.

08 January 2011 From: Nigel
Easy to make....tastes just great.

09 January 2011 From: Marie from Alberta, Canada
A real classic & perfect for a blowy-snowy day like today. Thanks for the great recipe!

09 January 2011 From: Seliha
Just made this leek and potato soup, It is absolutely yummy! Everyone in our household loved it and its so easy to make. Will be making lots of this.

10 January 2011 From: Udo
Fantastic. I've made this exactly as per your recipe about seven times now (tonight being the 7th). Everyone I've shared it with loves it. Thank you! Udo

11 January 2011 From: Not Given
First time I've ever tried to make this. Absolutely PERFECT. Thank you. Huge success with the family.

12 January 2011 From: David
Made this for my first time very easy to make and very tasty will be making this again.

12 January 2011 From: Gloria
I have made this lots absolutely delicious!

8 December 2010 From: Claire
Just cooked the soup first time ever.. it was lovely .. :)!! Actually better than lovely perfect.

9 December 2010 From: Laura Brown
I first used this recipe in 2008 and it's the one I return to time and time again, love does everyone who tries it!

10 December 2010 From: Claudia
Lovely Leek and Potato Soup.

12 December 2010 From: Alva
Yum yum!

12 December 2010 From: Christine
Very simple to make soup, great thanks.

18 December 2010 From: Mrs A Marsh
Family and friends love this ,always make it esp when leeks are on special offer.

18 December 2010 From: Sand
Just what we needed in the cold weather what a quick and lovely tasting soup everyone loved it have to make some more and freeze!

18 December 2010 From: Pat
Very easy leek and potato soup recipe and very more-ish!

20 December 2010 From: Lauren
I made this earlier and it went down a treat!! :)

22 December 2010 From: Jenny Mace
Really easy to make, thanks.

23 December 2010 From: Sarah
Love it! The kids like to help make it too :) 

16 December 2010 From: Allan
I added extra pepper for a warming feel, great on a snowy evening.

24 December 2010 From: Elin
WOW! Tastes amazing, very easy to make, with a bit of bread and cheese it goes down a treat, especially in this cold weather in Wales! So good we are having it for a starter on Christmas day!

24 December 2010 From: Chris
Fantastically simple and tasty too. Ideal for novices and the more experienced.

30 December 2010 From: Not Given

02 January 2011 From: Julie
Quick, easy, tasty!!  I didn't add milk or cream, was still yummy!

02 January 2011 From: Catherine I Moore
Cheap so easy very moreish.

18 November 2010 From: Gordon Hardaker
First time I've made soup, so easy and tasted great, kids loved it too!

 Not Given 19 November 2010 From: Irene Dean
Soooooooooooooeasy and good too. Irene.

21 November 2010 From: Miranda
Great job easy to make ,thanxs Have u 1 for lentil and garlic, by any chance or chowder?

22 November 2010 From: Barbara Howcroft
Absolutely delicious leek and potato soup. Very, very easy to make. We had ours with crusty bread very filling, scrummy mmmmmm

22 November 2010 From: John
Very easy to make and very tasty.   Highly recommended.

23 November 2010 From: Joyce
Very nice and also very easy to make.

24 November 2010 From: Shelley
The best recipe ever!!!!! So easy to follow and really tasty.

24 November 2010 From: Sue
Added some fried smoked shredded bacon to this one, lovely, easy and cheap to make.

24 November 2010 From: Netty
Just retired and discovering the delights of home made soups - this is wonderfully tasty (and easy).

26 November 2010 From: Stu
Just retired and discovering the delights of home made soups - this is wonderfully tasty (and easy).

28 November 2010 From: Sarah
Lush, really easy to make, added a little crispy chopped up bacon n lovely!!!

28 November 2010 From: Russell
Snow is falling in Glasgow (Scotland) and so it's time for this tasty treat! Simple but very effective!

28 November 2010 From: La Reice
Yummy I am going to make some tonight:))

3 December 2010 From: Mali
I added finely chopped fresh  ginger and baked and chopped acorn squash. At the very last minute I added finely chopped parsley and served with Greek yogurt. My guest thought it was heavenly.

6 December 2010 From: Chrissi
Loved the leek and potato soup recipe, but left out the garlic, didn't see the point of it and I do not particularly like garlic either, great soup on these snowy days, thanks.

7 December 2010 From: Bob Hanner
Easy and excellent - recommend a dash of white pepper if you have it.

 Not Given 1 November 2010 From: John & Jack
Me and my son who's 7 made this leek and poatato soup. Well easy and well good too...

1 November 2010 From: Jamal Bambacla
Good stuff.

2 November 2010 From: Shaz
Lovely! I have made this leek and potato soup several times now.. my kids just love it!

3 November 2010 From: John Broadbent
A wholesome and delicious healthy food and SO easy to make.

4 November 2010 From: Dawn
Delicious! I added a handful of spinach too for colour and because I like it!

7 November 2010 From: Clare
The leek and potato soup was so good, the kids were scrapping the pan dry. Will be cooking it again this week.

7 November 2010 From: Lisa
I always worry about flavour but this was delicious and the whole family loved it woop woop!!!

7 November 2010 From: Barry Morrison
Loved it and so simple.

7 November 2010 From: Jenny Berryman

 Not Given 7 November 2010 From: Lesley
Scrummy and easy.

7 November 2010 From: Lauren Bradley
One of the best soups I've had in a long time! I'm only 16 and it's so simple yet taste! 5 stars leek and potato soup~

10 November 2010 From: Jackie
Excellent, Easy Tastes great, have been using this recipe for a couple of years now, would recommend. Yum Yum, Thanks.

10 November 2010 From: Carol
Very nice and easy.

12 November 2010 From: Carol
Easy peasy recipe, a real winter warmer for lunchtime, my husband loves it. I added some homemade croutons to it.

14 November 2010 From: Kathy
Went down really well at our local community soup and roll lunch.

15 November 2010 From: Not Given
Went down really well at our local community soup and roll lunch.

17 November 2010 From: Henry
Sweet to the beat!

14 September 2010 From: Mary Dyer
Absolutely gorgeous and so simple.

23 September 2010 From: Moira
So easy! Thanks.

28 September 2010 From: Not Given
Awesome recipe, using it for cooking lesson tomorrow! Thanks x

01 October 2010 From: Ken Davies
Simple. Brilliant. Thank you.

01 October 2010 From: Not Given
No comments. It is simply delicious!

 Not rated 01 October 2010 From: Micky
Easy, simple leek and potato soup recipe but loads of taste!

02 October 2010 From: Carole
Made for a W.I. autumn lunch last year - they liked it so much I am making it again next week.

05 October 2010 From: Alison
Lovely soup, the kids loved it. So easy to make.

05 October 2010 From: Barbara Sutton
Really yummy, everyone asked for the recipe, so I pointed them to your web page.

08 October 2010 From: DeeDee
A brilliant leek and potato soup, very simple and made extra special by using the leeks and potatoes I grew myself, enough to put a good few portions in the freezer, Thank you!

11 October 2010 From: Barbara Grey
Very tasty and very easy to make.

12 October 2010 From: Yvonne
Absolutely lovely! Try it!
13 October 2010 From: Victoria
Fantastic leek and potato soup recipe. Easy to make n taste fab, even the kids love it with a buttered french stick to dip in :) its nom nom nom mmmmmmmm lol.
14 October 2010 From: Amanda Saunders
Delicious, the pictures of the leek were very helpful.

15 October 2010 From: Nigel Peed
Very nice, Very simple. Added a single chilli for a bit of a kick.

16 October 2010 From: Eileen
Nice soup on a chilly day and very easy to make. I just had two bowls!

17 October 2010 From: Not Given
deliciouso!!! gracias!

18 October 2010 From: Alan Butterworth
Best soup i have tasted not in a tin and the best I've made.

20 October 2010 From: Janine
A lovely leek and potato soup and kids loved it with crusty french bread and butter. Empty bowls all round! Thank you.

25 October 2010 From: The Fireman Chef
Just perfect.

26 October 2010 From: Tom
So easy because I am only 12 and I can make it so it must be easy.

26 October 2010 From: Frank Bradford
Granddad looking after kids today my granddaughter had the time of her life cooking your leek and potato soup then eating it with crusty bread. Thanks for teaching an old dog new ticks.

27 October 2010 From: Cal Dubresson
Easy, delicious - add bacon for an optional twist!

31 October 2010 From: Rishita
It's awesome.

31 October 2010 From: Not Given
Lovely - but garlic a bit over powering. I use much less. Well done.

31 October 2010 From: Nicola
So, so easy - delicious - cheap - nutritious.  Thank you! I have bookmarked your page.

31 October 2010 From: Emma
Easy to make leek and potato soup and really and tasted delicious.

31 October 2010 From: Rachel Forey
Delicious and so easy to make. Add some grated cheese to the top for extra flavour and serve with crusty fresh bread! Yum!

31 October 2010 From: Ryan
Well wot can I say...... Apart from excellent! :)

From: Fiona Middlewood
11 March 2010
Very easy to make, I can't believe how easy it was in so little time. I will defo be making it again.

From: Willy Mcgregor
23 March 2010
Awesome leek and potato soup recipe. Good one to be creative with. I halved the chicken broth and added a small tin of smoked mussels and smoked oysters. > Wonderful seafood flavour! Does it for me!

From: Gaby
28 March 2010
This is such a great recipe--I will definitely make it again.

From: Julie
3 April 2010
We all love this leek and potato soup recipe, easy, scrumptious and great way to get the veg down the kids. Make it before you go out for a walk on a sunny
cold day and it's great to see everyone tucking in when they get back with granary bread and loads of butter!!!!!!

From: Karen
5 April 2010
Brilliant potato and leek soup good one to be creative with.

From: Jay
7 April 2010
Wonderful and simple soup. This recipe is very hard to mess up, even for me! Healthy, wholesome and delicious too. Thanks.

From: Malcolm Vickery
18 April 2010
Can be used as the base to a wonderful vegetable soup by adding blanched diced carrots peas sweet corn and chopped green beans. After its blended just simmer for another 10 mins.

From: Eileen
18 April 2010
Easy, quick and delicious without a long list of ingredients. Perfect!

From: John
21 April 2010
I'm a bloke and not used to a cooker but even I couldn't mess this up. Got to be the nicest soup I've tasted in years, brilliant.

From: Bob
26 April 2010
It was scrumpsious!

From: Angela B
27 April 2010
Lovely. I'm new to making home made soup and this was one of the first recipes I tried. Thank you.

From: Audrey
8 May 2010
Great leek and potato soup, so easy to make.

Suzanne Sutherland
10 May 2010
Wonderful nourishing and comforting. I thought I had made a lot but it all went very quickly! Great website, by the way. I look forward to trying more of your recipes.

5 June 2010
Delicious! thank you for sharing such an easy recipe, and also the tip about not adding the cream if you want to freeze, for novice cooks!

7 June 2010

Janet Booth
8 June 2010
Fry some good streaky bacon pieces and add to soup adds great flavour.

Ron Burnie
19 June 2010
Thanks for adding the metric conversions...very handy. Soup was good too!

Madeleine Wilson
29 July 2010
I used this recipe for a quick lunch today, it was just
perfect! Delicious as is but next time will try with some 'extras'. Thanks for clear instructions.

29 July 2010
Love this leek and potato soup!! I used water instead of the butter, mixed the cream and added extra garlic for a healthier, vegan version.

19 August 2010
First time I made homemade soup and it was an absolute success. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to make a simple, yet tasty soup!! Thanks for the recipe!!

18 August 2010
This is an excellent leek and potato soup. I just made it and added chopped bacon and had it for dinner. My thanks to the originator!

7 September 2010
This is the second time I have made this soup. A simple yet delicious recipe. Highly recommend it!

From: Pauline
28 February 2010
I compare this soup to Connelly's Irish Pub in NYC and it was even better, and so simple to make!

From: Barry Hudson
1 March 2010
Excellent leek and potato soup for today - St David's Day. No need to add anything to it. Cheers.

From: Delia
8 March 2010
Very easy to follow recipe and very tasty too. This is the second time I've done it and my family loves it! Thanks for sharing this healthy recipe with us!

From: Anas Adam
9 March 2010
This leek and potato soup was absolutely brilliant, all family enjoyed it so much that they asked 4 seconds. It was very easy 2 make, tried soup with part
baked bakery bread, just bake it for 8-10 mins, delicious.

From: Fran Williams
10 March 2010
I have made this soup today. I have made leek and potato soup before, but this one is by far the easiest, and what makes it even better, I can have as much as I want of it minus the cream and milk on my diet! Thank you.

From: Trisha
16 February 2010
Excellent - I made this leek and potato soup using our own leeks fresh from the garden and added some chicken breast.  No packets or tins any more!

From: Sheila
17 February 2010
Doesn't get much easier than this. I also tried it with some chilli peppers ( dried ) then pureed it-yummy.

From: Julie
18 February 2010
Followed your leek and potato soup recipe without the garlic (because I didn't have one) and it was still delicious. Lovely. Thank you. Trying mushroom next!!!

From: Antony Bright
22 February 2010

From: Bob Broon
23 February 2010
Top marks a braw soup. A recipe well worth keeping. Many thanx.

From: Joanne
25 February 2010
I've never made soup before, how easy was your recipe to follow, brilliant & delicious. Thank you. I have just made tomato & basil just as easy & good. Thank you again.

From: Lyn
25 February 2010
Made the leek and potato soup for a dinner party ... and everyone remarked WHAT LOVELY SOUP, thank you.

From: Kevin Westwood
27 February 2010
I have never tasted anything so delicious, you made my evening, have put the rest in freezer for the next week, thank you very much.

From: Sadie
4 February 2010
Tried the leek and potato soup recipe today with a little twist. Added some smoked bacon, onion and mushrooms. Tasted fantastic - even got my kids to have some and they don't do soup. Thank you so much

From: Graeme
5 February 2010
Delicious. Even I could make it, that's how simple it was. Many Thanks.

From: Jacqui
5 February 2010
Just made this leek and potato soup and it is lovely. Thank you so muchxx.

From: Sadie
8 February 2010
Have never made soup before and this recipe is fab. I added a few extras like mushroom, onion and smoked bacon, my whole family ate it including my son who never touches soup as a rule so well done!!!!

From: Gerry Cook
10 February 2010
I made this soup for my partner and she loved it. I added some mixed dry Chillies and it gave the soup a nice mellow bite to it.

From: Ralph Hemmi
24 January 2010
I made it with home made Duck stock and my good lady said it was the best soup she had ever tasted. She's been working in hotels for over 10 years so....!!

From: Ann
24 January 2010
I thought a 1/4 of a teaspoon of pepper would be too much! NO it wasn't, this soup is delicious. I served it with garlic bread & will certainly be cooking it again.

From: Not Known
24 January 2010
This is so helpful thank you so much!

From: Laura
31 January 2010
I made this for school and it was really nice and simple and I got a good level. Thank you! I was unsure on the ingredients so this page particularly helped me on those :)

From: D K
1 February 2010
Great soup. Great Kick to get u well again too.

From: Prettypink
3 February 2010
Just made me leek and potato soup and its absolutely fantastic...  tastes gorgeous... Thanks xx

From: Angie
18 January 2010
Just made this leek and potato soup and it's delicious will most definitely be making it again.

From: Esther
19 January 2010
1st time making home made soup, was a bit low on the cash after xmas and this was what I needed. It is  mmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious

From: Susan Smith
20 January 2010
I make this soup, it's so easy and the children love it.

From: Michelle
23 January 2010
Just made the leek and potato soup. It's delicious. Just hand blended it, texture is rich and smooth!! Can't believe how good it looks and tastes too.

From: Layla White
11 January 2010
I just finished making this leek and potato soup. I blended it at the end which topped it off, pretty good for a student eh! Thank you!!!!! I added a tad more salt as well, it was only missing a bit!

From: Joanna
14 January 2010
I make mine with very creamy milk and no water but still using about 3-4 chicken stock cubes and also add a little grated nutmeg as this helps to bring the flavour out. Garlic is too strong for this recipe and kills the delicate flavour of the leeks so I leave this out.

From: Theresa
15 January 2010
Excellent, simple and tasty leek and potato soup recipe, thank you ! Made the soup yesterday and just finished it off for lunch with some crusty bread. Lovely !!

From: Alan
16 January 2010
Have never made soup before, found it to be so easy using your recipe, really enjoyed the result, so much cheaper and better than the tinned soups.

From: Lizabeth
17 January 2010
It's simmering on the stove right now, and smells delicious. Because I can't leave a recipe alone, I added half a chopped onion (I'm an onion lover). Just the thing for a bleak Sunday in January!

From: Sadie
8 January 2010
Freezing outside, I have just made your soup. Easy to follow recipe, love all the comments, look forward to tasting it.

From: Tallulahmaud
8 January 2010
What a tasty dish. Just what is needed for this cold weather and living on a shoe string. I also like the plain and simple step by step instructions, It is like soup for dummies. Thank You.

From: Lou
10 January 2010
Yummy Yummy...this was my first attempt at making soup and it was delicious, pat on the back for me. I'm going to try other veg soups...but leek and potato soup is my fav, served with crusty brown loaf.

From: Christine
10 January 2010
I made this soup and it was warm and filling just what we needed in this very cold weather.  Well done cookuk we need more easy recipes like this one.

From: Sadie
10 January 2010
I have never made soup in my life before but hubby and friends kept saying how easy it is. Yours is very tasty and went down a treat - although i did add some boiled ham as well.

From: Katieb
6 January 2010
I made this soup today and it was really lovely and so easy to make. Thank you.

From: Joanne Yallop
7 January 2010
Excellent soup very tasty and warming.

From: Bidsta
7 January 2010
Snowed in so what better way to spend the morning with the kids making easy soup with what we have in the kitchen.  Great soup, kids just love it and keeps you warm too. Added some bacon at the beginning which made it even more tasty.

From: Linda
7 January 2010
I have just made your Leek & Potato soup, Fantastic, it was so easy to make and tastes wonderful, and I was able to make one batch with chicken stock and one with veg. stock as my daughter is a vegetarian,
Thumbs up all round.

From: Lyns
8 January 2010
Excellent easy 2understand recipe, used this again and again!!!

From: Chris Oeillet
27 December 2009
Great recipe, have made this a few times and we all love it. So easy to make.

From: Gary Street
1 January 2010
Just about to make this soup. My girlfriend loves soup, so hope I get it right.

From: SirMonk
4 January 2010
Great leek and potato soup recipe and so easy to follow. Tastes great and my little 1 year old has eaten a whole bowl full.

From: Not Given
4 January 2010
Fantastic, easy to make and so so tasty,  I'm useless at cooking and I even forgot to add the cream but never noticed till I'd eaten my first bowl. Probably because the potatoes were so creamy after following your instructions. No salt in there either because I used stock cubes so pretty healthy too.

From: Matthew Dunn
5 January 2010
I added 1 red pepper and 2 spring onions. Blended. It turned out great. Really tasty.

From: C Fangerow
30 November 2009
Message: Am making this recipe for the second time this month as it was a big hit the first time around and perfect for the awful cold and wet weather we've had all month! Today I am going to fry up some lardons first, remove from pan and save to add back at the end. Then saute the leeks with butter in the same same pan to get some of that nice bacon flavour into the mix. Scrummy!

From: Kate
02 December 2009
This is such a lovely soup, a classic. I never peel my potatoes for it. If you blend/mash it up at the end, you can't tell, get extra nutrients and less waste, a result!

From: Judith Eyres
09 December 2009
Really enjoyed this leek and potato soup, tasty and cheap. I blended it as I prefer a smooth soup and it froze very well. Give it a try, it won't disappoint.

From: Judith Eyres
09 December 2009
Really enjoyed this leek and potato soup, tasty and cheap. I blended it as I prefer a smooth soup and it froze very well. Give it a try, it won't disappoint.

From: Jane Emmerich
16 December 2009
Grew our own leeks and made the soup, everyone loved it. So making again for Christmas for my daughter who never had it before. Will make again & again.

From: Jenny Tiwari from Cyprus
16 December 2009
Just soo delicious! Today is the first time in attempting to make potato n leek soup.! Followed the instructions which were soo easy and I used fresh cream instead of milk. My 3 and a half year old loved it and she's fussy normally and my 16 and a half month old son had an adult portion. Waiting on my husband to come home from work and my mum to give their verdict! First time i have come across your site and i think it's really user friendly and my next attempt is to make a ginger bread man with my daughter...she's been nagging for a long time. Thanks for your recipe and this wonderful site.

From: Not Known
29 December 2009
Great soup perfect for relaxed cheap meals. Great for us students.

From: Dave
7 November 2009
I've made this leek and potato soup a few times and we love it. Easy to follow and very cheap to make. Delicious. Cheers.

From: Toby
9 November 2009
It's nice, but not as nice as mine lol! Very good.

From: Roger the Doddger
15 November 2009
Just finished my leek n tatty soup...quite impressed as
this is the first time I've had a go at it. I did however use 5 leeks from the allotment and just had to add extra ingredients along the way, 5 big spuds and a little extra garlic n pepper. I did think though the end result was a little lumpy, so I put the whole lot through a blender and
whizzed the lot up (I do the same with my courgette soup). This made for a much better looking and tasting soup and the soup still had a little crunch from all the small bits of leek in. So just gunna freeze it up
ready for Christmas. Then ill reheat and either add a dash of cream or try a little grated hard cheese over the top....... That's all folks........

From: Jenny
16 November 2009
The whole family enjoyed this leek and potato soup even my grandchildren.

From: Sandra
5 November 2009
Pat, if you had read the description properly, they do say that  although it does look like celery, it isn't.  It's not confusing for anyone apart from you providing they read it properly :)  I have used this recipe for a while now, and even my kids love it, who are very picky eaters :)  Thank you for a great recipe :)

From: Nicola
4 November 2009
On a diet so trying to eat more health and found this recipe. It is very nice and my mum ate full bowl, she loved it and she hard to plz so thanx.

From: Victoria J
4 November 2009
I love leek and potato soup with rolls.

From: Phillipa
3 November 2009
Great recipe thanks so much! It is great to know whether foods freeze. I actually made it without the milk and it still tasted good. Keep the great recipes coming.

From: Tim
3 November 2009
Just had a fine meal of leek and potato soup, an easy to follow recipe that tastes great. Next time I make it I wont be adding as much milk as recommended but I will be making it again.

From: Pat
29 October 2009
Just looked a your recipe for leek and potato soup. Recipe reads OK but the vegetable being chopped and pictured looks more like celery than leeks. Just commenting, it might confuse some people as to thinking there is celery in the soup which would not make a good leek and potato soup. Sincerely PAT  

From: Marjorie
30 October 2009
Just found this recipe today.  I had all ingredients in the house except leeks.  I used a whole bundle of green onions instead.  Very Good.  Family loved it, and I will make it a lot this winter.
From: Calvino III
16 November 2009
Thank you so much for this recipe!! My wife and 8 kids love it :) Much love Calvino xx

From: Basia
26 November 2009
Am I ever glad to have found your site today!  My hubby and I have just enjoyed the soup made per your instructions with minor modifications. On the other side of the Pond here, it's a major national holiday - Thanksgiving Day.  It's about the feast whose  participants were English pilgrims and their aboriginal friends.  Since we are not feeling well, and are possibly contagious, we could not join others as planned today. There's no traditional turkey in our house, but I happened to have leeks and large potatoes.  The soup was perfect for the rainy day we are experiencing.  The modifications were that I chopped the leeks in a processor and shredded the potatoes in that machine (I have an injured right wrist.) We love garlic and red pepper, so I threw a little in, as well as some sliced portabella mushrooms that needed to be used soon.
Since I prepared a huge pot, I added the evaporated milk to our individual bowls, thinking that I would surely freeze the rest, but now I realize that it will not be necessary to find room in the freezer! We will not
forget what we ate on this Thanksgving Day! TYVM!

From: Jan Tyler
26 November 2009
Waited for years to make soup, now thrilled with results, so enjoyable. I know exactly what goes in it, full of goodness and no additives, all my family are enjoying it.

From: Yosi
29 November 2009
Great recipe, my first go at this soup that I love. Just followed your instructions and impressed everybody with your leek and potato soup :) Thanks for sharing it with us.


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