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Leek and Potato Soup Recipe

This leek and potato soup recipe can be made with chunky potato bits or with the potato mashed down a little.

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Leek and potato soup in a bowl


2 tablespoons (60g) butter or margarine
1 garlic clove
3 to 4 good-sized leeks (1lb / 450g)
2 good-sized potatoes (1lb / 450g)
1.8 pints / 1 litre stock (fresh or 2 stock cubes in hot water)
Just under half pint / 225ml milk or cream (see cook's notes)
Salt and pepper (¼ teaspoon of each)
Nutrition information per portion
  • Calories
  • Protein
  • Carbs
  • Sugars
  • Fat
  • Saturates


: 10 minutes


: 25 minutes


: Easy


? Yes (see cook's notes)


: 4 - 6 portions


: Potato masher (optional)


If you intend to freeze this leek and potato soup then it is probably best not to add cream, add milk instead (see recipe ingredients above). We have frozen leek and potato soup with milk in it many times and it turns out just fine.

The problem with adding cream to the recipe and then freezing it, is that the cream may well separate. In truth, we did an experiment using cream and yes the cream did separate but after stirring it in well it then blended in OK.

This is great food at a very cheap price. It freezes really well, although the potato bits are not so chunky after freezing. All the pictures shown in this recipe can be enlarged by left-clicking your mouse once on the picture. The ingredients below will make enough for at least four good portions of leek and potato soup. The leeks and potatoes can come from the local shop or straight from your garden.

Want to know how to grow potatoes in your garden or in containers? Check out this page written by experts who explain exactly how to grow you own potatoes with pictures and helpful advice.

This recipe was written by .



First, clean and chop the leeks. The easiest way to chop the leeks is to slice each leek longwise twice (see picture on the right) and then chop all the leek from top to bottom.

Click on the picture to see an enlarged version showing the size of the chopped leek. The leek has been split four ways down the stem which makes it look a bit like celery but it definitely is leek.

Melt the butter / margarine in a pan and add the chopped leeks and garlic.

Fry them over a low to medium heat until the leeks are soft.

This will take about ten minutes. Stir frequently so that none of the ingredients brown.

 Leek sauteing in butter. Click picture to enlarge.

Peel the potatoes and chop them into cubes. Click on the picture to enlarge it and see the size of the cubes more clearly. 

This can be done while the leeks are being fried.

Add all the remaining ingredients to the pan with the exception of the milk / cream. Bring the soup to the boil and then let it simmer (just barely boiling) for the remaining cooking time.

If you want the potato to stay chunky, cook for 15 to 17 minutes until the potato is soft. If you want to mash the potatoes, cook for about 20 minutes.

 Leek and potato soup cooking. Click picture to enlarge.

If you prefer the potatoes not to be chunky (the most popular way), simply use a masher to break down the potatoes in the pan.

You can use a blender to do this if you want but it's just more to wash up at the end!

 Mash potato in the soup. Click picture to enlarge.

Just before serving, pour the milk / cream into the soup and stir well. If you plan to freeze some of the soup, don't add the milk / cream to the pan, instead add three tablespoons of milk / cream to each soup bowl.

If you have parsley sprigs, be a show off and add a sprig to each bowl!


Leek and potato soup freezes very well. If you like chunky potatoes in the soup however, these will not be so chunky when you reheat the frozen soup.

Leek and potato soup will keep up to two months when frozen.

200 RATINGS GIVEN - AVERAGE 4.5 star rating
5 star rating
28 April 2013
From: Daz
Delicious thanks.
5 star rating
17 April 2013
From: Jax D
Wonderful, and so easy. Thank you.
5 star rating
16 April 2013
From: Bethan
Brilliant, this soup is so easy and tastes gorgeous, 1st time I've made soup and definitely will make this again.
5 star rating
6 April 2013
From: Zoe
I always add bacon and onions, but I'm glad I tried your way. I've been masking the delicate leek flavor. Simple is best. Thank you.
5 star rating
2 February 2012
From: Roe
My goodness this soup is even better than i thought it would be!!!! I love it thank you so much xxx
5 star rating
2 February 2012 012
From: Vic
Perfect and easy!
Not Given
7 February 2012
From: Danny
Just made this recipe and it is lovely. My dad says he's a manly man and needs meat, so shredded some left over ham joint we had and threw it in and OMG it's even better.
5 star rating
20 February 2012
From: Jane
Great recipe , I added chopped bacon at stage one delicious!
4 star rating
20 February 2012
From: TW
So simple but so delicious. I have to admit that I put in leftover mashed potato but it still turned out great!
5 star rating
21 March 2012
From: John
Really easy to cook and very tasty. As suggested by one of your posters, I added a teaspoonful of mild curry powder which I felt enhanced the flavour.
5 star rating
22 March 2012
From: Chrys
Lovely recipe. Thanks for posting.
5 star rating
26 March 2012
From: Halle
Just made this, added butter beans for protein and a dollop of cream cheese when served instead of milk, its just melted in and tasted amazing. Really good and filling.
5 star rating
28 March 2012
From: Adrian
The tip about slicing the leeks lengthwise before chopping is excellent - it saves so much time. Delicious soup - thanks.
5 star rating
16 April 2012
From: Not Given
5 star rating
20 July 2012
From: Marilyn
Added finely chopped pieces of chicken for protein , absoulty delicious ....yummy!
5 star rating
09 August 2012
From: Sue
Just made this soup, easy to do and it tastes lovely, also going to make the cauliflower soup, I love simple recipes, thank you
4 star rating
07 October 2012
From: MsJu
Lovely, simple, hearty soup. Only reservation was that it felt a little oily on the tongue. Will slightly reduce amount of butter used to saute the leeks next time. Overall, really good soup. Thanks!
5 star rating
08 October 2012
From: Chris
Great that one can click on how to make a quick soup and get a recipe that really works. Was as nice as any i would pay for in a good hotel
5 star rating
12 October 2012
From: Cat
This recipe was sooo good my husband said he was telling our daughter that I burned it so he could eat hers. luvly jubbly, thanks for this simply gorgeous soup.
5 star rating
18 October 2012
From: Pixie
Wonderful soup and such a simple and easy recipe to follow. Always gets the thumbs up in our home. I leave out the cream and milk from The Daddy portion as he's on a diet. Even then it's gorgeous.
5 star rating
18 October 2012
From: Linds
The miser in me always tries to eat as cheaply and healthy as possible. This recipe is brilliant!
5 star rating
19 October 2012
From: K
Oooo, nearly 3 litres of amazing souuup for the cost of under 2 quid for ingredients in proportion. Much, much cheaper than pre bought and you know what's in it!!
4 star rating
9 November 2012
From: Not Given
I love this recipe it is delicious I just wish that it would make more.
5 star rating
9 November 2012
From: Jane
Just Gorgeous
5 star rating
10 November 2012
From: Anne
Delicious and wholesome and a cheap lunch.
4 star rating
13 November 2012
From: Not Given
One thing i always do is had half a pinch of paprika, a pinch of basil and a pinch of chllli flakes before added to stock compliments nicely.
5 star rating
24 November 2012
From: Not Given
So easy to make.
5 star rating
25 November 2012
From: Maggit
Very simple, nourishing and warming. I made half the quantity given, added a little paprika and basil together with half a chopped onion, and put it through the blender at the end. Served it just as it was (no cream) and it tasted wonderful.
5 star rating
28 November 2012
From: Jen
Fab and fast
5 star rating
30 November 2012
From: Not Given
The best L and P soup recipe i've come across, yummy!!!
4 star rating
10 January 2013
From: Sara
Lovely soup, added 2 onions. Seemed a bit oily, so reduced butter a little - made double quantities for the frezer!
5 star rating
20 January 2013
From: Lucas
Very easy to do and absolutely delicious
5 star rating
10 January 2013
From: Not given
5 star rating
27 January 2013
From: SAM
Best p and l soup i have ever had!!!!!
5 star rating
1 February 2013
From: Liz
Easy and delicious, love it.

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