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 Beef Casserole Recipe Comments Page 1

We've received too many comments to include all of them on the main beef casserole recipe page. So, the older ones are included on this page below.

25 September 2010 From: Mags
This proved a winner over my usual casserole dish...thank you!!!

28 September 2010 From: Gaile Barrs
Love this beef casserole recipe and so easy, tasted wonderful, will definitely be doing this again.

30 September 2010 From: Lauren
Just put this in the oven and it was one of the best casserole recipes I've followed. Perfect consistency and the 'sauce' tasted gorgeous before I put it in oven. Perfect with the dumplings linked also.

25 October 2010 From: Rob
Nice recipe :) Just a little note - you've mixed up your imperial and metric measures for the stock.
REPLY: Comments like that are always appreciated. We have corrected the recipe as you noted. Thanks

30 September 2010 From: Becky Jenkins
Just put this in the oven and it was one of the best casserole recipes I've followed. Perfect consistency and the 'sauce' tasted gorgeous before I put it in oven. Perfect with the dumplings linked also.

14 November 2010 From: Gaz
We've made this many times now and love the dish. Very flexible as well if u want 2 use other ingredients.

18 November 2010 From: Graham Bainbridge
I tried this beef casserole recipe after reading the reviews. It is the best casserole I have ever made and so easy. I added garlic and Worcestershire sauce with the 4 tablespoons of red wine. I will never use a different recipe.

21 November 2010 From: Sue
This was the tastiest joint of beef I have ever cooked but was as tough as old boots.  It was a sirloin from Asda. Will definitely go to the butchers next time.

5 December 2010 From: Emma
Always wondered why my sauce was always so watery, now I know the secret I will use this in other recipes. I also used creamy tomato soup instead of tinned plumed tomatoes, as my kids don't like lumpy tomatoes but now they won't be able to tell the difference!!

12 December 2010 From: Dan
I cooked beef casserole this and it was great :-)

24 December 2010 From: Liz
We have this recipe once a week and everyone loves it. I serve it with mash potatoes or roast. A one pot dish that's easy to prepare and make. Excellent!!

09 January 2011 From: Elaine
Absolutely beautiful. Cooks to perfection every time. Will be having this beef casserole instead of turkey for our next xmas dinner.

15 January 2011 From: Stevie
Fantastic. i made the dumplings too, lovely :-)

 Not Given 2 March 2011 From: Beverley Anne Pretorius
Very easy to follow. My first beef casserole. Testing it on my new partner tonight!!!!!

13 July 2011 From: Maggie
Gorgeous! even without the red wine and so easy to do!

9 August 2011 From: Alfie
Very simple but absolute tasty in fact this is the 2nd time I've used this and I just have to review it. Thank You.

18 October 2011 From: Esther
This is a great recipe! I've made it many times. I usually add some dried mixed herbs to the onions whilst they are frying, Worcestershire sauce or elderberry vinegar with the red wine and a bouquet garni to the mixture in the casserole dish before it all goes into the oven. Thanks for inspiring me!

From: Dave Lee
20 February 2010
I made this a couple of times but now I make enough so I can freeze some, it's the easiest beef recipe I've found and I love it, thanx so much. Dave.

From: John
21 February 2010
This is my second time of making the dish, first attempt was fantastic and easy to follow. The dish was enough for 5 people and we all loved it, my wife wants me to cook more often now. Who needs a expensive complicated cook book.

From: Olly
22 February 2010
Made this beef casserole tonight (first casserole I've ever attempted) with the addition of a can of red kidney beans, was much appreciated by all.

From: Gem
22 March 2010
Great recipe! So easy to follow, I'm not an experienced cook but making this beef casserole has given me the confidence to try to make other dishes!

From: Stephanie
4 April 2010
A simple yet very tasty recipe, I added a clove of garlic and a few drops of Worcestershire sauce. :)

From: James
7 May 2010
I added garlic and a red chilli. it gives it a little tingle. I add something new every week.

From: Christine Jones
9 May 2010
Very easy and great tasty beef casserole recipe. Will use again and recommend to all.

From: Lisa
19 June 2010
Amazing recipe, use it all the time - I add garlic as well.

From: Brad Williams
15 August 2010
I never cook anything but microwave meals, thought I would give a beef casserole a go and this recipe worked out great.

From: Peter McNelis
15 August 2010
What a great recipe, thanks.

From: Kitty Waite
23 August 2010
Fantastic beef casserole recipe. I made it for my family and everyone ate it. 5 stars!!!

From: Sandy
7 September 2010
Made this before. Brilliant. About to make it again and add garlic and drops of Worcestershire sauce.

From: Tom
13 September 2010
What happened to the bay leaves? I cant see where you added them, but like the beef casserole recipe and will try it.
Answer: Thanks for pointing that out Tom, we've added the bay leaves to the description.

From: Sean
19 November 2009
As a complete cooking novice I followed this beef casserole recipe to the letter.  What a result, girlfriend had 2 plates of it and said it was delicious. Thank you.

From: Iain
27 December 2009
The original tastes wonderful, but I added a couple of drops of Worcestershire sauce and a baby swede chopped in the same way as the potatoes, to give a little more flavour.

From: Foster
31 December 2009
This is a super simple beef casserole recipe, suitable for many occasions. I've cooked on several occasions and at the moment its in the oven ready for our bring and share New Years evening party. I add a clove of garlic to the onion stage but otherwise I stick to the recipe.

From: Not given
11 January 2010
My wife and I are recently retired. I've rarely cooked in the past but decided I needed to make my contribution since my wife has temporarily returned to work to cover a maternity leave. I bought a cookery book with simple one-pot recipes and although some are absolutely fine not one has been so appreciated by my wife as this beef casserole recipe.  It's well written, easily followed, requires no ingredient that  isn't in everyone's cupboard, fridge and freezer .. and it tastes delicious.

From: Jo
22 January 2010
This is a very simple and effortless beef casserole recipe... which tastes yummy. I do it in the slower cooker.. which is on right now.. and my mouth is watering now with the smells...
Thank you so much... my baby girl is 15months and loves this...I have to
> leave the wine out for her tho.. lol. I surprise my mum all the time with different recipes but this 1 is her fav... 1 to be wrote in my little book for my daughter when she older... x

From: Laura
8 February 2010
I made this beef casserole last night and was really pleased with the results. Mid way through the recipe I realised I didn't have a can of chopped tomatoes in the cupboard so I used baked beans instead and it came out pretty well!

From: Gavin
20 February 2010
Hi, I pretty much use this recipe any time I make a beef casserole. It is perfect, easy, and tastes just fantastic. Thanks.


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