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Eggy Bread Recipe

Eggy Bread with a slice of ham
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Eggy Bread with a slice of ham

Eggy bread is a perfect example of cheap, delicious and nutritious food.

There's not much to be said about eggy bread other than it is a delicious treat and it's quick to prepare and cook! If you have children then you may prefer our eggy bread recipe for children.


Ingredients for Eggy Bread
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Ingredients for Eggy Bread

Two to three medium eggs

Two slices white bread

Level teaspoon of butter

Two tablespoons milk

Three tablespoons olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Nutrition information per portion
: 6 minutes
COOKING TIME: 7 minutes
FREEZE: No, but also delicious cold
EQUIPMENT: Frying pan (skillet) and largish dish


None is required.


One glance at the comments left at the end of this page shows that most people are personalising this recipe by adding one or two other ingredients. Ham or crispy bacon are very popular. Some more unusual ingredients are also suggested including jam or marmalade. So, do give this recipe a try and add one or two of your own favourite ingredients.



First, put the frying pan on a medium heat, add the olive oil and butter. Leave that to heat up while preparing the eggy bread.

Break the eggs into a container, add milk then salt and pepper to taste. Lightly whisk the egg mixture with a fork to mix the egg whites and yolks.


Place the bread in a shallow container and evenly pour over the whisked eggs. Leave the egg mixture to soak into the bread for two minutes.

Add the soaked bread to the pre-heated pan and oil, pour the remaining egg mixture over the bread. Turn the heat to medium low and fry for four minutes. Turn the eggy bread over and cook for a further three minutes.

Frying Eggy Bread
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Frying Eggy Bread

27 RATINGS GIVEN - AVERAGE 4.5 star rating
five star rating
14 September 2022
From: Giggles
Try it with a dusting of icing sugar and a large dollop of chocolate spread, for dipping as a truly indulgent treat! Delicious.
five star rating
03 August 2022
From: Fergus
five star rating
03 August 2022
From: Bailey
This I really like. Here in Denmark they are called Poor Knights.
five star rating
14 April 2022
From: Paul
Add a pinch of curry powder!! Wow it's a taste sensation, serve with crispy grilled bacon and a rocket salad with balsamic and it makes a proper lush concoction !!
five star rating
13 April 2022
From: Not Given
Eggie bread is amazing served as a wee breakfast treat mmnnn.
Not Given
1 April 2022
From: Jay
I put golden syrup on my eggy bread but also mix coconut cream with the eggs before saturating the bread.
four star rating
7 May 2021
From: Jo
Eggy dips we called it!
five star rating
28 June 2021
From: Cathy
Myself and my kids love this usually on a Sunday. Yum
five star rating
10 August 2021
From: Steve
Yummy! yummy! I always love to put cooked bacon bits, mixed herbs and diced tomato in with the mixture and pour over the top as it's cooking...Yummy !
five star rating
14 August 2021
From: Betty
i used to make this for my 4 daughters [all grown up now] when they came home from school, they liked it sweet with castor sugar and cinnamon. I'm going to start making it again now but in smaller quantities.
three star rating
24 September 2021
From: Geraldine
It's nice eggy bread.
five star rating
25 September 2021
From: Gemma
I love this recipe! Instead of frying it, I use a grill - way healthier! Yum!
five star rating
2 October 2021
From: Maureen
Had eggy bread on Turkish holiday had to try it , great recipe.
five star rating
14 October 2021
From: Connall
My dad always made this for us, so I wanted to learn how to make it so I can cook it for instead.
five star rating
20 November 2021
From: Nick
I grew up on this stuff, it's a treat with ketchup.
five star rating
3 December 2021
From: Eviltwins
I like to half cook my eggy bread in frying pan then add grated mature cheddar over the top and grill for a few more minutes!
5 star rating
12 December 2021
From: SAM
Delicious with grated cheddar and a splash of Worcestershire sauce in eggy mix.
5 star rating
23 December 2021
From: Georgia
It's amazing with golden syrup..yuuummmm.
5 star rating
4 February 2022
From: Zoe
I like eggy bread with sugar... I know I'm so weird.. :L
2 star rating
7 February 2022
From: Not Given
Delicious with a savoury option. Mushrooms and a garlic dip are amazing with eggy bread
4 star rating
18 February 2022
From: Yasmin
Always goes down well ! :) a nice Sunday brunch, I like it best with a tablespoon of sugar x
5 star rating
20 February 2022
From: Faloopy
Good with BACON and SYRUP
5 star rating
18 July 2022
From: Brian
Ah! brings back memories when i was home-alone as a boy! Feet up watching wrestling on Saturday afternoon and some Eggy Bread! and Tizer LoL Those were the days 8-)
5 star rating
12 November 2022
From: Flora
Delicious, awesome recipe. I always douse mine in HP, so nice!
4 star rating
13 March 2022
From: Oly
Jam every time.
5 star rating
14 March 2022
From: Julie
Those were the days, my mam used to make eggy bread, gna make for my hubby and kids. Hope they enjoy it as much as I did mmmmm :)
5 star rating
17 March 2022
From: Jess
Can you use wholemeal bread?
ANSWER: Wholemeal bread will do just fine, it's just a matter of personal taste

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