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The Porridge Pot in Warwick

Very conveniently located near Warwick the Porridge Pot offers good quality meals at reasonable prices but there are a few niggles.

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Eating in Warwickshire

Reviews of all the best pubs, restaurants and tearooms in Warwickshire. Impartial opinions from people who have tasted the food and visited every place we review.

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General pub-style, Carvery
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Stratford Road, Warwick CV34 6RB
Very near J15 of the M40


Monday to Saturday 11.30am to 11.00pm
Sunday 12.00am to 10.30pm

Last meal order times: the Carvery is open up to 9pm, the main restaurant will accept orders up to 10pm. These times were confirmed by the restaurant manager when we visited but see our comment below about the choice of meals available if you visit late in the evening.

If you are planning a visit early in the day (the Porridge Pot opens at 11. 30 Monday to Saturday) then be aware that the Carvery normally starts serving at around 12.15. That's fine even if you arrive at 12.00 because by the time you settle in and order a drink the Carvery will be ready.

Official Website: Click here

Telephone Number: 08442 435389

Map: See below.


The Porridge Pot is part of the Great British Carvery which in turn is part of the Orchid Group. The Group is a very large company which runs nearly 300 pubs and restaurants in the UK. They do not aim to compete with budget pub groups on price rather they want to compete on quality and value for money. The Orchid Group began life in mid 2006 so it is still a relative newcomer to the market.


An immediately obvious advantage for the Porridge Pot is its location, less then two minutes drive from junction 15 of the M40. It is also very close to two large, nearby hotels, the Holiday Express and the Hilton, the porridge Pot is in easy walking distance from both hotels.

The car parking arrangements grab your attention before you even enter the restaurant. There is a barrier at the entrance where you need to take a ticket to get into the car park. Then at the end of your meal get the ticket stamped at the bar and in theory you should be able to exit the car park without paying. When we tried, the machine at the exit wanted to charge us £2.00 for dining at the Porridge Pot but a quick press on the "help" button resulted in the barrier being raised at no cost.

Having passed the car parking problems though and entering the restaurant, all is fine. The building has a very high ceiling giving a very pleasant impression of space and airiness.
The interior isn't old by any means but the ceiling beams and the wood panelled walls at one end make a very pleasing atmosphere. The interior decor is top quality new-build with considerable thought having been put into making the area appealing and attractive.


We have already discussed the decor in the section above but we would add to it that the tables and chairs look good, they are set out well and the whole area is neat, tidy and clean. The atmosphere is also pleasing with low volume, unobtrusive background music. The majority of the interior is given over to dining tables and chairs but at the far end of the room there is a bar area with two wide screen TV so a visit for just a drink is quite acceptable.


First off, the carvery menu is a bit vague, advertised are roast beef, turkey, belly pork, gammon, lamb and homemade pie of the day. The website however says the selection changes daily so it's not clear exactly which roasts / pie will be available on any one day. When we visited the carvery options were turkey, stuffed belly of pork, beef and pie of the day.

The roasts and pie come with all the trimmings at £7.95 Monday to Saturday or £8.95 on a Sunday (and bank holidays). Well, those were the website advertised prices but we were very pleased to find that the price of the weekday carvery was reduced to £5.95. See below for the quality of the food but initially that appears to be excellent value.

There isn't anything remarkable on the menu although we were impressed that the steaks were 21 day aged, a bit longer than normal. Probably the most unusual offering was rabbit suet pudding, not something we would choose but some would jump at the chance. Many, but by no means all, of the meat and poultry dishes have the Red Tractor logo against them on the menu.

The menu does seem to be on the pretentious side with rather meaningless local references such as Shropshire Blue cream sauce (would Lancashire Blue cream sauce really be any worse or better?), blossom honey and others. Having said that, almost all tastes will find something to suit on this menu.


We must report as we find and the food we were served was top quality for the prices charged. As our summary of review sites later in this article indicates, not everyone agrees with our opinion.
We tasted first the roast beef from the carvery and it was delicious, tender and with lots of flavour. The accompanying Yorkshire pudding was light and crisp, just as it should be. Interestingly we were also offered (and took) the stuffing which normally accompanies turkey - very tasty. The choice of vegetables was good and they were well-cooked, neither over done nor under-cooked. So the carvery option gets our full approval and at only £5.95 this was exceptional value.
We also sampled the pan fried sea bass fillet and this was a delight. The fish was cooked to perfection, no ifs or buts, this fish was cooked perfectly, congratulations to the chef. It was served with noodles, beans, pak choi, lots of crisp sweet red peppers and topped with crispy seaweed. I promise you that CookUK is totally independent and I also promise you that the food we were served was top quality, well above the prices charged. This sea bass dish was delicious.
The difference between our opinion of the food and some of the views expressed on other review sites may be due, in some part at least, to the timing of our visit. We arrived at about 12.20 on a Saturday afternoon and there were only two other people in the Porridge Pot at that time. The carvery food had been freshly laid out. So all in all maybe we had the best of the food and the complete attention of the chef to pan fry our sea bass.


Service was fine, we were greeted at the door and shown to our table without delay. Our order for drinks was promptly taken and we were then left to choose from the menu. Our order for roast beef and sea bass was taken without fuss. After a reasonable wait of about ten minutes we were told to collect the carvery meal and when that was done our main meal from the kitchen was served so that we both ate at the same time. Good timing.

Soon after we finished our meal we were asked if we wanted a sweet which we declined. The bill arrived five minutes or so later and we left for the car park. In common with many people we then realised that we had forgotten to have our car park ticket validated so we returned to the restaurant! The ticket was validated and we left impressed with the service.


Prices for the Carvery are very good value given the quality of the food served. From Monday to Saturday the prices are advertised on the Porridge Pot as being £6.95 but at the time of our visit the price was even lower at £5.95.

The prices for the kitchen food were not quite as good but we reckon they are still very good value. Our sea bass was one of the more expensive items on the menu and cost £9.50.


Many people who visit the Porridge Pot are staying at either the nearby Holiday Inn or Hilton Hotels and they choose the Porridge Pot because it in walking distance. For those who want to walk from the hotel there really is no easily reachable alternative. For those who can drive a few miles then head for the centre of Warwick where there is a huge choice of restaurants, pubs and cafes.

If you are looking for lunch then forget the pubs and restaurants, head straight for Wylies Tearooms and we guarantee the food will be delicious and the experience and ambience a real treat. For an evening meal which is great value and extremely enjoyable we highly recommend the Cape of Good Hope pub in Warwick. Read our full list of Warwickshire pubs, cafes and restaurants here.


We trawled the internet for the opinions of others who have written reviews about the Porridge Pot and we found lots, we read well over 200 in total. For more details on how we interpret these reviews click here. The overall impression of the reviews was confusing with some people liking the restaurant and others hating it. One thing is for sure, many of the complaints have much to do with whatever events are happening at the adjacent Holiday Inn Express Hotel and also the Hilton Hotel just a short walk away. It seems the Porridge Pot staff can quickly become overwhelmed if they receive a sudden influx of visitors from the hotel.

One particular complaint was the car parking system. When you arrive at the Porridge Pot by car you need to take a ticket from the machine to get in. Then, before you leave you need to get the ticket stamped in the hotel but this is obviously not clear to many people and the cause of annoyance when they get to the car park exit.

One point made by several reviewers was the good value offered to over 50s - they have a Diamond Club for these members. Two courses for £7.50 if you are in the club, which is definitely cheap. Slow and not too good service does seem to also be a recurring theme amongst the reviews.

A definite criticism of those who arrived around 8 in the evening (the Carvery is advertised as serving food up to 9) is that the choice of meat is reduced from four choices to often only two. Bear this in mind if you plan to visit from 7.30 onwards. Gluten free options seem to be non-existent at any time of the day.

The overall impression from the reviews is that you may get decent food and service at the Porridge Pot but this is by no means guaranteed.

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1 RATINGS GIVEN - AVERAGE 4 star rating
four star rating
10 December 2012
From: Haymaker
We are locals and have been to the porridge Pot many times. yes it can get chaotic at the very peak times, there simply aren't enough staff to cope. Our solution is to visit in less busy times when the food is great and the service can cope. Avoid peak times and you'll be really happy is our advice.

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