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Sainsbury's 6.2 litre SKU122271968 Slow Cooker Review

We carry out practical and scientific tests on the Sainsbury's 6.2 litre  SKU122271968 Slow Cooker to evaluate how it performs in the real world.

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This slow cooker is aimed at the larger family with its 6.2 litre capacity. So it's no surprise that it occupies a large space on your kitchen surface. Given the large size it looks good being wider than it is tall. The finish is brushed stainless steel with the small control panel in black solid feeling plastic. The feet keep it well off work surfaces and there are rubber / plastic which helps stop the unit from slipping. There are only three feet however and this makes the unit (especially when empty) a bit wobbly

The controls at the front of the slow cooker feel well made although the markings for low, high and warm are on the small size and will cause some to reach for their glasses. There is a red light on the control panel to indicate when the unit is in use.

The lid has a solid feel to it and the side handles are easy to grip. No part of this slow cooker is safe for the dishwasher and require manual cleaning.

Overall this a good looking slow cooker suitable for families of four to eight with few drawbacks as far as appearance and build are concerned.

Control Panel of Sainsbury's SKU 122271968 Slow Cooker 


The total capacity of the slow cooker is 6.2 litres which is great for a large family although its very size means that cooking small amounts is not really a practical proposition.

The manufacturers do not provide dimensions online or in the supplied instructions so we measured for ourselves. Approximate dimensions are height 26cm, width 40cm and depth 30cm. Our scales couldn't weigh the slow overall but the cooking bowl weighed 3.63kg which is reasonably hefty but average for the large capacity.

The power lead is a rather meagre 28cm long which is OK in most circumstances but could cause problems for some.


For our semi-scientific tests we set the slow cooker to low and it reached its maximum temperature of 82°C / 180°F after 3 and a half hours which is slightly higher than normal but within a good range. We then set the dial to high and after two hours it reached 100°C / 212°F which is definitely higher than average. The keep warm setting reached a temperature of 72°C / 162°F which is just about within a safe range. See our page on slow cookers and food temperature here.

Our practical test involved cooking a large portion of bolognese sauce which was cooked on high for hour and then on low for four hours. The results were excellent with tender meat and even cooking. We would avoid cooking anything entirely on the high setting because the over-high heat dries out the top layer too quickly.


We bought this slow cooker in the sale at £30 but the normal price is £40. For this price you get a large slow cooker with three heat settings and a red light to indicate when it's in use. We thought the normal £40 price tag could have included one or two more features when compared to competitors but not badly so.


There are review sources for this slow cooker, Which and Sainsbury's own site. The Sainsbury's reviews are clearly good with several people mentioning the large cooking capacity and overall size of the unit. The Which review doesn't rate this slow cooker very highly because they claim their stew was overcooked on the top even on the low setting. We don't agree with this and our rather more scientific temperature tests bear out that the low cooking heat is only slightly above average.


Low setting cooking 4 star rating for low setting cooking
High setting cooking 2 star rating for high setting cooking
Keep warm 4 star rating for keep warm setting
How easy to use 3 star rating for ease of use
Setting up 4 star rating for setting up
Cleaning 2 star rating for cleaning
Build quality 3 star rating for build quality
Value for money 3 star rating for value for money
Overall rating 3 star rating overall

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