Scotch Broth Recipe


Root vegetables are the final ingredient commonly being carrots and either turnip or swede. However, different vegetables are often added depending on what is in season. Onions and celery are typical additional ingredients as are turnips and a variety of herbs.

The cut of meat also varies depending on what is to hand. Beef is often used and less commonly chicken.

Not surprisingly, Scotch Broth tastes better when left in the fridge overnight and re-heated the next day, the flavours are more intense. Cooling in the fridge also has the benefit that the fat in the broth will rise to the surface and form a crust which can easily be removed. This broth makes an excellent main course meal when served with either crusty bread or potatoes.

 Preparation Time:  20 minutes  Cooking Time:  2hr 30mins
 How Difficult Easy  Freeze?   Yes

4 portions

Note that the preparation time above is the initial preparation. Some of the vegetable preparation can also be be done while the broth is cooking.



How Much
Neck of mutton or lamb (see below) 600g / 1lb 6oz

2 medium

Onion 2 medium
Celery 1 stick
Turnip / swede 200g / 7oz when chopped
White cabbage 300g / 11oz
Pearl barley (see below) 70g / 2 oz
Thyme A few sprigs fresh or 1 teaspoon dried
Bay leaf 2 (fresh if possible)
Salt and pepper To taste

1 Large pan

Wash the carrots and outside of the cabbage.
Roughly slice the carrots, and cabbage. Peel the onion and roughly slice it.
Finely chop the celery.


Place the neck of mutton / lamb into a large pan, fill with water and bring to the boil on a medium heat. Let it boil for a few minutes and a scummy froth will appear on the surface of the water. take it off the heat and dispose of the water and any bits leaving just the cleaned lamb / mutton.


Add about 1 litre of water over the lamb and then add the onions, carrots, celery, bay leaves and thyme. Season with salt and pepper. More salt and pepper can be added later if required when the soup is cooked. Bring the broth to a boil and then turn down the heat to a simmer. Cook for 1 hour.

We now add the Pearl Barley to the Scotch Broth, stir well and continue to cook for for a further 30 minutes.

The final addition to the broth are the cabbage and swede. Stir these in well and cook for an additional 40 minutes.


Take each piece of the neck of lamb from the pan and separate the meat from fatty gristle and bone. It's easy to do this with a knife and fork.

Cut any larger bits of lamb into smaller chunks then add the meat back to the pan and cook for five more minutes.

Have a taste of the Scotch Broth and add more salt and pepper as required.

Serve into large bowls and garnish with a sprig or two of parsley. Serve with crusty bread. It will keep in the fridge for a couple of days and tastes even better for it!

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