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 French Onion Soup Recipe Comments Page 1

We've received too many comments to include all of them on the main French Onion soup recipe page. So, the older ones are included on this page below.
14 September 2010 From: Patrick
Very easy to do. Clear instructions. Good result with Brittany Onions.

24 September 2010 From: Stephen
Put in four cloves of garlic :-)  garlic rules... great recipe.

26 September 2010 From: Samantha
I'm making this recipe tonight. I've made it before but I like it, so does my family and it is soooooo tasty.

3 October 2010 From: Chris
Didn't change the recipe at all, it's the "muts nuts".

3 October 2010 From: Col
Can't believe that people don't know about chopping onions without crying. It's basic cooks knowledge. Just keep your onions in the fridge and chop them straight from the fridge whilst still cold. Guarantee no more tears.
French onion soup relies on the onions being well caramelised. You have to add some sugar to the onions when frying and certainly cook on a low heat until well browned and covered in caramel. If you don't do that it's just not French onion soup, sorry.
COMMENT: I would not store onions in the fridge. The humidity is not correct and neither is the lack of air circulation. They may also impart an onion odour to other foods in the fridge.

4 October 2010 From: Ju
This is the best and easiest recipe of onion soup you can find! After I cooked it once it became my regular dish! It's so tasty and my fiancé loves it!!!

9 October 2010 From: Stephen Wong
Very nice to eat. The crumb inside has holes. Mixer should be mixed properly.

15 October 2010 From: Karla
This is a great French Onion Soup recipe... I took a little of everyone's comments added extra garlic and some sugar and I must say I hate onions but I love this soup... At 38 weeks pregnant I'm very upset that I've only just found it now. Thank you :)

14 October 2010 From: Georgie
Brilliant! Followed the recipe, waiting to heat it up for my girlfriend to get back :)

15 October 2010 From: Norman Adcroft
A Chef friend of mine adds Still Cider and Brandy, and menus it as Northumberland Onion Soup; mind you he is a Geordie. His recipe is also delicious.

From: Laura B
17 March 2010
I am about to try this recipe out as have loadsa onions. The only way I found to stop the tears flowing when cutting onions is to wear swimming goggles! I look a bit silly, but my mascara isn't running! It does work.

From: Al Ernest
24 March 2010
Wow that is delicious

From: Sandy
10 April 2010
Run wrists under cold water to stop tears. I like my onions thinly sliced not chopped.

From: John C
12 April 2010
Fantastic French Onion Soup recipe. Used double the garlic.

From: Mets
13 April 2010
Make lots, freeze it into portions and use it as a base stock for cooking other recipes like beef pie.

From: Chiggy
30 April 2010
The way to stop you from crying when chopping onions isn't trickery! Just use a very sharp knife, serrated knives are no good. When you chop an onion you break the walls of the cells, this allows the juices of the onions to go into the atmosphere. The sharper the knife the less  cells that are broken.

From: Peter Randle
2 May 2010
Just about to try this recipe as I love your mushroom soup. However, as I read through and noted your comments I thought I would add this comment from years ago. Rather than the large soup coupe dish French
Onion Soup would be served in a smaller diameter soup bowl that is slightly taller (like some of the commercial cuppa-soup ones) e.g. like a wide pottery mug/beaker. This means the bread and cheese does not sink into the liquid whilst being grilled. When served the cheese + bread has sealed the soup so you break with the soup and take the mix of cheese/bread and onion soup. Hope this helps?? Peter

From: Lia Arellano
9 May 2010
I did everything in this French onion soup recipe and then put the whole thing in a blender to make it thick. My family loved it.

From: Elise
2 June 2010
To Debs who suggested putting a spoon in your mouth whilst chopping onions - you are a genius!!  I am preparing this soup now and have cut up four onions without a tear!

From: Shaine
29 June 2010
Couldn't get on with the spoon so tried snorkelling goggles, work a treat.

From: David Craven
3 August 2010
Brilliant French onion soup recipe.

From: Judith Wroe
6 August 2010
When slicing onions leave the root intact (this is where the juice is).  Slice through so that all the slices are still joined to the root and then cut the root off and discard.  This, together with many other tips was always taught in cookery lessons at school.  What a shame cookery is no longer on the curriculum!!

From: Valentina
10 September 2010
It was really delicious. My family loved it.

From: Debs
18 January 2010

From: Tim
21 January 2010
Tried with and without Worcester and caramelising the onions. Little difference was seen and each time had a fantastic result. Have tried with different cheeses on the massive croûton (please try it, if you haven\'t yet) and found most work, although some smelly Brie was fantastic. Great recipe and very adaptable, thank you.

From: El
30 January 2010
Definitely add the Worcs source! it really makes it!

From: Diane S
30 January 2010
Lovely without the Worcester sauce for me. I blend half for a smoother finish, my husband doesn't like garlic silly
bloke, so I do him a cheese on toast with dried herb flavouring, just a sprinkle is good unless the jar is three years outa date init :-))

From: Phil
31 January 2010
Great French Onion soup but use sherry instead of the wine.

From: phl
3 February 2010
Followed the recipe ish, really enjoyed it, needs the worcest sauce. Got to do it again.

From: Gordon Badenoch
12 February 2010
When cut, onions bleed through their roots. Cut onion in half from top to bottom. Slice off top but leave root in place, it holds the onion together while slicing or chopping. Chop onion in normal manner discarding root when finished. No tears!

From: Linzi Brown
22 February 2010
I made this French Onion soup for a starter at my dinner party and it went down a treat. All my friends loved it and their bowls were clean. It is very easy to make and I recommend it. I just recommend you wear waterproof mascara as the onions will make you cry.

From: Barbara
3 January 2010
Easy recipe, did not put Worcester sauce in because we did not have it but still tasted brill.

From: Not Given
6 January 2010
The way to not cry when cutting onions is simply to keep your mouth closed! The soup is DELICIOUS! Beware adding too much sauces and stock though. It can cause terrible thirst after you eat the soup.

From: Kylie
10 January 2010
Very easy recipe. I read the above comments and decided not to add the Worcestershire Sauce and found the soup to be delicious. My first time tasting French Onion Soup and will definitely make it again.

From: Kay
11 January 2010
Very quick and easy to make and very tasty.

From: Raymond Rennie
13 January 2010
Very easy to prepare and tasty to boot. Will make again for sure.

From: Strix
12 January 2010
For authenticity, slice but not chop the onions, don't bother with the Worcester, and you don't even need to caramelize the onions - just seat them till they are yellow before adding the liquid. The sugary caramelly taste is a recent American addition imho.

From: Steve
24 December 2009
Worcestershire Sauce in French Onion Soup? They say you should try things before you give an opinion but there are some things you know will just be horrible without having to do so! What a way to ruin a good  meal. Was this site sponsored by Lee and Perrins?

From: Marthe
28 December 2009
I omitted the worc. sauce but also added  sprinkle of sugar a la Delia to the onions her recipe pres. This is to help caramelise them. Don't do this, it gives a sweet taste you don't want - partic if you go for the sherry option. I'd run out of wine.  Stock cubes can be harsh I used Bovril in water, veggies could opt for Marmite. Don't fancy the cheese on toast side accomp best tasted garlic bread in the bottom of the bowls and melted gruyere or emmental on top. Good cheap soul food

From: Ian
28 December 2009
When peeling onions DON'T cut the root end off until the very end. This way you will not be in floods of tears. TRY IT works !!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Jan
3 January 2010
Lovely French Onion Soup recipe, thanks.  I have no crying problem. I was told many years ago to put my onions in the fridge for an hour before peeling and I have always followed this advice. It works for me.

From: Pierre
30 November 2009
French onion soup should never contain Worcester sauce.

From: Diane
28 November 2009
Couldn't bring myself to put all the butter in! The soup was great, and how cheap are onions. Thanks for the recipe.

From: Elizabeth
06 December 2009
Please no Worcestershire Sauce.... Put the toasted bread in the bottom of the bowls, it will rise to the top as you pour the French onion soup in. Then sprinkle the
cheese on top, and put under grill.

From: Gary
12 December 2009
Simply excellent. I looked around at many popular chefs French Onion Soup recipes but this one was by far the best.

From: Shaya
18 December 2009
To avoid a "crying good time" while chopping onion, put on a pair of swim goggles.

From: Mark Holdcroft
19 December 2009
Was okay but the Worcester sauce was overpowering other flavours.

From: Jim
19 December 2009
Excellent soup but please omit the Worcester sauce.


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