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 Chocolate Cake Recipe Comments Page 1

We've received too many comments to include all of them on the main chocolate cake recipe page. So, the older ones are included on this page below.

24 January 2011 From: Pauline
Followed your recipe and what a success the family loved it, thank you!

Not Given 24 February 2011 From: Biddy
Love this cake so easy and quick.

26 February 2011 From: Jake
This recipe works perfectly well if you are cooking someone a pudding. Y0u are gonna have to cook this, it is the best. If you are reading please do try it it will not get more tastier than this.

26 February 2011 From: Sam
I have been using this recipe for years it's the best ever.

6 March 2011 From: Divneel Sharma
I like eating chocolate cakes the most, it's easy to bake.

21 March 2011 From: Divneel Sharma
Excellent tasting and so easy to make, can't believe I've never baked before now.

3 April 2011 From: Megan
It's awesome and its like real chocolate cake that they make but just more yummy because its homemade!

12 April 2011 From: Chloe
This cake was amazing! Usually when i bake cakes they are too heavy but I couldn't believe how light and fluffy it came out! THANK YOU!

7 May 2011 From: Maz
I've made this cake so many times with the fudge topping. My friends go mad for it. So easy to adapt.

27 May 2011 From: Sam G THE 1
Fantastic!!!!! My wife & Mother n law were well impressed!

02 June 2011 From: shoosh4
OMG, I've tasted a lot of chocolate cakes before, but so far this is the best, love it!! Easy to bake too XD.

16 July 2011 From: Lisa Renee
I am a high school student and since I practiced your recipe I am a favourite of everyone.

02 January 2011 From: Not Given
Love this cake x

09 January 2011 From: Iris Jones
Looked good enough to eat even before it went into the oven! My opinion after it was baked. Deelicious!!!

13 January 2011 From: Zahra
This cake is just awesome.

14 January 2011 From: Calum
Delicious, simple and easy to make. What's not to like?

14 January 2011 From: Jayni
I made this cake but added chopped walnuts and white chocolate chips and covered it with chocolate fudge icing and grated a milky bar on top. It was amazing! And if anyone finds their cake is sinking in the middle it could be because you open the oven door too early. This allows heat to escape and cakes will sink. For this I didn't even open the door until it had been in there 35 mins!

14 January 2011 From: Marcus
This cake works great, very easy to do and everyone loves it!!!!

14 January 2011 From: Marcus
This cake works great, very easy to do and everyone loves it!!!!

14 December 2010 From: Sarah
Made for my children's school party and now have to make more as they all loved it so much!!!! Thank you xx  Also love the way it is so easy to understand, perfect!

20 December 2010 From: ClareL
The easiest cake I have ever made, we made it dairy free by using pure spread instead of butter.  Was a little dry before icing, but moist & delicious after!

22 December 2010 From: Elena Gilbert
Great it, came out beautiful.

22 December 2010 From: Busyfizzy
This is amazing, it's easy and the results are so, so good now a regular fav of mine and we have now made it three times in 2 weeks for family and friends.

24 December 2010 From: Lami
It's supertastic and soo easy to follow it you couldn't get a better chocolate cake recipe than from here.

25 December 2010 From: Simi
=o=o=o this chocolate cake is AMAZING . THE BEST, although a plain cake flavours are busting and just lovely, I made it on Christmas, lovely way to finish off. =) please cook it :D.

29 December 2010 From: Not Given
Great now I have something to do in the damn hols! Great recipe for kids - so me!

29 December 2010 From: Terri
Made the chocolate cake several times my kids  love it. Will say the first time I made it i did not find it chocolaty enough so i took out a bit of flour and added more chocolate powder.

Not Given 31 December 2010 From: Amilia Jane
This chocloate cake recipe is sooooo yummy.mmmmm it is a smashing recipe.

18 November 2010 From: Toni
Fantastic chocolate cake! I'm over the moon, we're having a charity bake sale at work and this will go down a treat! Thanks very much! X

18 November 2010 From: Maggie
Fantastic chocolate cake! I'm over the moon, we're having a charity bake sale at work and this will go down a treat! Thanks very much! X

27 November 2010 From: Not Given
I really enjoyed making this Chocolate Cake.

30 November 2010 From: Samantha
Made it at school, turned out very nice but too rich.

5 December 2010 From: Sara
I made this chocolate cake but it sank in the middle and was too buttery, any ideas what i did wrong and also i didn't use to tins I used one large tin.
Answer: Probably just using one tin was the problem. Try using two as per the recipe.

10 December 2010 From: Not Given
That cake is totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 December 2010 From: Shanonaa
This is a lusshh cake!

9 December 2010 From: Samiya
Nice cake.

12 December 2010 From: Not Given
Most fabulous recipe done it loads of times!

15 October 2010 From: Eshe
WOW, me and my flat mates have JUST finished icing our cake, I kept picking bits off of it and it tastes SOOO GOOOD! We where cheeky though and put a cap full of rum in our icing lol :) Very very very good recipe! x

16 October 2010 From: Chloe Curtiss
I have made it about 4 times now and its really nice. I have looked around for a good chocolate cake recipe and its hard so one of my friends told me about it and Wow !!

17 October 2010 From: Not Given
omg this cake is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!

Not Given 19 October 2010 From: Rachel
Brilliant recipe which produces the most amazing chocolate cake. Lovely soft sponge. I am now addicted to this cake!

20 October 2010 From: Akash
My first try because I'm raising for charity cake sale hope this chocolate cake does the job tell of Friday =O

23 October 2010 From: Aggiie
This cake was easy and great to make thanks! x

24 October 2010 From: Not Given
Amazing!! My cake success began with this recipe :D Thank you- the pics make it easy to follow too..

 Not given 31 October 2010 From: Shx
Simplest one I've seen and it worked - easier than using my food processor - which I worked out after putting all the ingredients into the bowl...

31 October 2010 From: Omg
The Chocolate cake recipe was easy too make but I filled the cake tins right to the top and it over-flowed all over my oven :(

2 November 2010 From: Emily
This recipe is so easy to follow and produces the most amazing chocolate cake. I am new to baking and my husband was convinced it was shop bought! Am making my second as we speak - the pleasure of licking the bowl does not diminish with age!!!!

10 November 2010 From: Molly
Me and my mate was surprised at how good it turned out. Especially as where bad at cakes.

11 November 2010 From: Nifel
Had fun making this chocolate cake with my 5 yr old, chocolate was everywhere....brilliant lol.

14 November 2010 From: Alison
It's sooooooooooo easy to make and it tasted fantastico!!!!!!!

 Not Given 16 November 2010 From: Sue
It was not chocolately enough.

14 September 2010 From: Sadie-Harriet
Me and my friend Haz made this cake and it turned out amazing! We were surprised because we are both 14, blonde and quite forgetful. The only thing we changed was the icing because we made it with icing sugar,  butter, milk and cocoa powder and its delicious.. Then we grated some
Dairy Milk chocolate on top. It's lovely!

19 September 2010 From: Aisha
The cake was amazing .. ALL MY FAMILY ARE DYING TO GET THE RECIPEE.. And i enjoyed it to.

19 September 2010 From: Tracy
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. this cake is so easy to make, I never make cakes, but I'm making my second one today. It is so tasty and yummy, you can,t go wrong. If I can make it anyone can, go on give it a try, you wont be disappointed.

21 September 2010 From: Not Given
That is a really nice Chocolate Cake, thanks.

1 October 2010 From: Kirston Plummer
Came across this cake recipe completely by accident and OMG!!!! It's fantastic!! Lovely, light, moist tasty cake. I didn't do the chocolate fudge icing, will do that next time. Instead, I did a chocolate butter cream filling and jam. Hubby and daughter love it. Everyone should give this cake a try. Easy to do and very tasty x.

1 October 2010 From: Pollo

2 October 2010 From: Hannah K
Well, this looks cool I am going to make this for my birthday cake.. even though i am only 12 I lurve baking!!!!

3 October 2010 From: John
So easy to follow - made the cake and all 3 kids have told me to make it again. Not bad for a first ever attempt.

9 October 2010 From: Adele
My 9Year old daughter made this cake all on her own and it was beautiful. Excellent recipe and easy to do.

11 October 2010 From: Natalie
I made this chocolate cake for a friend and he loved it :)

14 October 2010 From: Jim
It was nice but tasted nicer.

From: Katherine
4 July 2010
This cake is amazing!!!!! I have made over 5 now. luv u

From: Lavin
20 June 2010
This cake is easy to bake.

From: Char
24 June 2010
Omg, I made this and it was AMAZING. I would defo recommend this recipe!!! It rocks! 8D

From: Dawn
26 June 2010
Absolutely ace cake recipe. Second time I have made it; first time I thought it was a fluke that it turned out so well, but having just taken my second attempt out of the oven I can see that it is just the best cake recipe ever. Well done! And so easy. Highly recommended.

From: Naseeba
7 July 2010
Yummy mmmmmm....

From: A, L
10 July 2010
Well we did it and it kinda didn't rise and also we put butter cream in it .. but that melted and went bad .. so we made new butter cream. BUT ITS TASTES LIKE HEAVEN!

26 July 2010
Made this Chocolate Cake with Demi, and it was fantastic :) We made a lot of mess however- it was worth it :D nice cake x love you Demi

01 August 2010
I make it and it was great it didn't rise too good though.

04 August 2010
This was so easy and a really good looking cake when it was finished. Fab recipe, thanks guys.

13 August 2010
We messed this cake up really bad but it could still turn out ok. We had to put milk in cos we put eggs in first haha. We are so dumb. It's gonna taste nice. :D

15 August 2010
I stumbled across this Chocolate cake recipe and it is my 5th time making it, as last time Ii made two - 1 for us and 1 for my grandchildren - they love it. I took some to work with me and they all thought I bought it, ummm, now that's an boot sale, wonder how much money I'll make, lol. Fab cake, easy to make, try it, you'll lurve it. xx

Ruth Nimi
15 August 2010
Love this cake. I thought while mixing we use a wooden spoon am surprised a fork will do.  It's very beautiful and tasty....

3 September 2010
Love this cake. I thought while mixing we use a wooden spoon am surprised a fork will do.  It's very beautiful and tasty....

14 September 2010 From: Westcat1
Have tried making cakes all my life (am 55 this year) without success, my husband was coming home from hospital so as a surprise for him I thought I'd have a go.. couldn't believe my luck.. it turned out so perfect. Needless to say it didn't hang around for very long! Will be making many more in future. Thank you.

14 September 2010 From: Raymond Mathers
Great chocolate cake recipe. Easy steps to follow, very tasty.

From: Joe
5 April 2010
Mine are in the oven at the moment and mine have risen loads and look very nice. I look forward to sharing them with family, and i bet my 1 year old nephew will love 'em as well! :)

From: Zoe
5 April 2010
It's wonderful, I loved it! To anyone who comes across this recipe READ IT! and print it off and make the cake!

From: Sarah
12 April 2010
Makes a wonderful chocolate cake with minimum effort. This is the second time I've made it and its just as good second time round! :-)

From: Stacie
16 April 2010
Simple and easy to make, I followed instructions for the icing too. I made it as a surprise birthday cake for my mum. I used the left over chocolate to shave some one the top. Over all 10 out of 10 but small slices other wise its too sickly :)

From: Mel
9 May 2010
Yummy and sooo simple.  Just made this for my fella's birthday with the choc icing and grated white choc on top and he loved it.  Going to do one for my little boy's birthday in a couple of weeks too and decorate with Smarties!

From: Chrisp
11 May 2010
I'm only 12 but I made a great Chocolate Cake, it was lovely and moist. Best thing I every made :)

From: Sophie
14 May 2010
Amazing :) Best Cake i Have Ever Made !

From: Jasmin
2 March 2010
I was looking for an easy recipe and came across this one. Sounds great, cant wait to make it!

From: Zolly
6 March 2010

From: Jessica
10 March 2010
This looks really yummy, I'm gunna be making it to night. I wrote it down on my new cupppy cake paper and putting it in my hand written cook book ^.^ :)

From: Anonyamous
21 March 2010
Works Great!! :D

From: Nush
22 March 2010
Lovely jubbly Chocolate Cake! Great  simple, straightforward instructions and the photos helped! Haven't baked since school a long long time ago!!

From: Thomas
22 March 2010
Great, that's simple! Where u get the recipe?

From: Amanda
24 March 2010
I'm not the best cook but I made this Chocolate cake for a school cake sale and the feedback from the teachers was wonderful, in fact they have asked for the recipe for home economics class!

From: Karen
15 May 2010
Very easy recipe and sponge so light, will make again with the grandchildren.

From: loulou
27 May 2010
Well, looks easy peas.

From: Fiona
29 May 2010
Your cake rocks ! Wow OMG.

From: Lizzie
3 June 2010
Omg this Chocolate Cake is delicious and very messy. My kids and me were all choclated out.

From: Nefise
5 June 2010
Amazing chocolate cake! Very easy to make...I have just made this for my husband's birthday, let's see what the guests say about it tonight :-) So far it looks delicious. mm

Shona Westwood
5 June 2010

From: Suse
13 February 2010
Wow, simply easy chocolate cake to make, my kids loved making it then eating it. Lovely!

From: Sandra
17 February 2010
It's so easy to make and tastes lovely, even my kids could make it. It's simply lovely!

From: Lauren
17 February 2010
Making this cake 4 my dads 60th birthday cake! Hope he likes it! Thanks for the recipe!

From: Sarah in Spain
19 February 2010
Fab chocolate cake easy to make and easy ingredients very scrummy !!!

From: Suse
21 February 2010
Wonderful chocolate cake you can make over and over again, and u can make it for under 3.00.

From: Sam
28 February 2010
This cake was ok.

From: V Man
31 January 2010
First try for mother in law, great success. Bakin again today it's that good. Calling it mufc cake.

From: Beth
31 January 2010
We have made this chocolate cake 3 times now. We are not expert bakers but we found it very simple and easy to make and it always comes out delicious! :)

From: Natasha
1 February 2010
This is so easy im gonna try making it with my little sisters :) yum !!

From: Carol Rabson
11 February 2010
This Chocolate Cake recipe was really easy to follow, told you what was needed before you began and came out lovely!!!!

From: Chelsea
13 February 2010
Just made it now and it is well nice.

From: Donna
13 February 2010
Made it on sat for valentines day made for my husband with the help of my 11 year old girl Louise. Can't wait to try it.

From: Anjali
31  December 2009
Surprisingly simple. I like the way both, metric and imperial measures are given.

From: Cleo
31  December 2009
I love this cake! It looks delicious and is very divine!

From: Mandy
07 January 2010
This cake turned out really lovely. I left in the heaped table spoon of flour and added another tbl spoon of coca powder then added a melted down chocolate bar and added it to the mixture. This led to a very chocolatey cake that was absolutely divine. Each mouth full was soooo yummy! Try it....yum.

From: C&J
08 January 2010
This Chocolate Cake recipe was really good :). We made it with butter cream and chocolate icing with pink swirls on the top :) ! It was gorgeous, we will definitely be making this again.

From: Josh & Tracey
19 January 2010
We have made this wonderful chocolate cake 3 times now and always put something different on top of the icing. IT'S  YUMMY!!!! and easy!!

From: Nikki
22 January 2010
The cake is in the oven now and I can't wait to taste it :)

From: Graham
29 January 2010
Making it on sat, looks good.

From: Kiiee
20  December 2009
I made this cake for the first time today. I was looking for something simple and i found it! it tastes delicious, I absolutely love it and recommend it :D

From: Kellie
20  December 2009
I have made this chocolate cake lots of times today. I tried something different. I took out 2 tablespoons of flour and replaced with ground almonds and a little almond essence. When cool I topped with a chocolate frosting and glace cherries looked great tasted wonderful

From: Nimra Rasul
21  December 2009
i am just about to try this recipe, hope its good :).

From: Rhianne Locke
30  December 2009
Am making this cake for my boyfriend tomorrow night. He's been going on about memories of chocolate cake and mint custard when he was at school, so going to surprise him. Hope it works, the recipe looks wonderful :).

From: Sophie
13 November 2009
On my life this cake was deeeelicous! I've NEVER baked a cake in my 22 years and was looking for a basic choc
sponge recipe. Came across this! I added chocolate butter cream to the middle (when the sponge was still warm so it melted slightly). Yummy stuff! xx

From: Kellie
15 November 2009
I have just made this for the 5th time, my kids love it. Today I doubled the ingredients and made a double layer one .... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm best chocolate cake recipe ever .... and the easiest!

From: Jeanette
15 November 2009
Gorgeous sponge cake, light and chocolatey, without being sickly.

From: Beth
21 November 2009
I'm waiting for my chocolate cake to cook, it look's amazing in the oven I hope it's as good as it looks!

From: Not Known
27 November 2009
Very good and yummy yummy, can't wait to EAT it NOW!

From: Chloe Curtiss
30 November 2009
i have made this Chocolate cake about 6 times and I love it. I am only 13 years old and I love making cakes but I can never get the right recipe and now I have found one. Thanks, lol (:

From: Gracie Grapes
05  December 2009
I am only 9 but I love chocolate cake. I found this one and had to try it. It was the best thing I've ever eaten.

From: Patrick
06  December 2009
Great chocolate cake recipe, it is a winter warmer.

From: Maryama
08  December 2009
YUMM so good.

From: Not known
12  December 2009
I think this recipe is very good and simple.

From: Diane Barnes
18  December 2009
This recipe is fantastic and full proof. Once you make one you will want to make it again and again with the chocolate fudge icing, out of this world.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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