Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe


 Preparation Time: 10 minutes  Cooking Time:  30 minutes
 How Difficult Easy  Freeze?   No

Two good bowls

CHICKEN Noodle Soup


Chicken Ingredients

How Much
Chicken or Vegetable stock 900ml / 1½ pints
Chicken breast 175g / 6oz
Chopped fresh root ginger

1 tsp

Garlic finely chipped 1 clove
Rice noodles 50g / 1.75oz
Canned or frozen sweetcorn 2 tbsp
Thinly sliced mushrooms 2-3
Shredded spring onions 2
Soy sauce, plus some extra for serving 2 tsp
Some mint or basil leaves to serve To taste

A large saucepan

Chicken Noodle Soup is one of those recipes which is almost foolproof because exact quantities are not relly that important, even some of the ingredients can be varied and it will still taste good. First, the noodles, any will do. We prefer the very thin ones but if you prefer them thicker then use them.

One of the main ingredients to this recipe is chicken but pork tastes just as good. It's not quite so easy to shred as chicken but a sharp nife will cut pork into thin strnds very well.

As far as additional ingredients are concerned, carrots, beand and many other ingredients can be chucked into the pot if you are in a more veggie mood. The soup can be warmed up with the addition of of a couple of chillies and a teaspoon of curry paste works wonders if you like it hot.

Whatever variations you use this is a prime example of a soup which always tastes better when home made compared to a tinned variety.


Thinly slice the mushrooms and shred the spring onions.


Shredded spring onions are made by trimming most of the green off then cutting the onion into 6cm / 2½ins lengths.  Cut the lengths in half, then finely cut each half thinly.


Put the chicken stock into a pan, add the chicken, ginger and garlic. Bring the contents to the boil, then lower the heat, cover and simmer for 20 minutes, until the chicken is cooked.

Take the chicken out of the pan and place on the chopping board. Shred the chicken by using two forks and simply ripping the chicken into thin shreds.

Put the shredded chicken back into the stock, then add the noodles, sweetcorn, sliced mushrooms, half the spring onions and the 2 teaspoons of soy sauce.

Simmer for 3-4 minutes until the noodles are tender.

Ladle the soup into two bowls and place the remaining spring onions on the top.

Serve with extra soy sauce and mint or basil leaves to taste.

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