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 Roast Beef Recipe Comments Page 1

We've received too many comments to include all of them on the main roast beef recipe page. So, the older ones are included on this page below.
26 December 2010 From: Les
Superb way to do roast beef, the timings are spot on, I'm 68 never cooked one before.

27 December 2010 From: Jenny Moore
This was the first joint of beef I have ever cooked and it turned out perfectly using your recipe. Thanks to you I have scored huge brownie points from my partner!!

31 December 2010 From: Lisa
Wonderful recipe, beef was stunning!!!! I altered it slightly by adding some beef stock and putting it into a casserole dish and cooked for longer, beef falling apart and had amazing gravy. Yum. x

31 December 2010 From: L.S.
Followed the instructions perfect roast beef. Family loved it.

01 January 2011 From: Catie
Best Roast Beef ever, had never cooked Roast Beef before as didn't know how and scared I wouldn't cook it properly. Fantastic and easy instructions to follow especially for well done beef. Went down a hit with my family of 3 & am cooking for my parents today, fingers crossed :) Thank you.

01 January 2011 From: Not Given
Excellent roast beef recipe.

01 January 2011 From: M.B.E.
Re Mikes comments about burning and lack of juices, you may need to reduce the size of your roasting tine. Too big and all the juices burn off, too small and everything drowns but doesn't crisp.
ANSWER: An excellent comment, it mat not explain the burning but sure might explain the lack of juices, thanks.

01 January 2011 From: Gary.
Absolutely gorgeous, done to perfection, crispy on the outside and succulent when carved, the gravy is also fantastic.

01 January 2011 From: Cheryl
I've never cooked roast beef well I over cook it and really I shouldn't serve it for a meal I should have fixed my shoes with it lol !! But I followed the recipe and I have finally cooked a fantastic roast beef dinner! I thank u and so does my family!!

01 January 2011 From: Nigel
The recipe was excellent, onions were golden brown and I cooked it until meat was light brown (inside). Some people just need to use their cooking senses to make sure it comes out right; was my first time! There's no complaint here, was great beef for the ne years! Cheers!

04 January 2011 From: Not Given
Used the timings to cook a top rump joint which came out close to perfect following the instructions for medium (while I prefer it red the rest of my family don't sadly). We usually have lamb or chicken roast but this was so delicious we'll definitely have roast beef a lot sooner. Juices weren't burnt to the pan either and made a fantastic gravy when I added veg stock and reduced it down on the hob.

04 January 2011 From: Azher
Now I know how to cook the perfect roast - great instructions.

09 January 2011 From: Terri
Excellent recipe... I've tried to cook a good roast beef many times before with no success, always over or under done :( Followed this recipe today and it turned out perfect....many thanks from me and my dinner guests :) :)

 Not Given 16 January 2011 From: Geoff
Excellent advice.

16 January 2011 From: Lorna
Stunning - best recipe for beef ever!!

23 February 2011 From: Sam
Excellent recipe... I've tried to cook a good roast beef many times before with no success, always over or under done :( Followed this recipe today and it turned out perfect.

24 December 2010 From: Sarah Tomlinson
Hia I'm Sarah from Liverpool , I've just bought a great joint of beef from my local meat wagon and I'm gonna try your method on boxing day fingers crossed the inlaws wont complain hahaha ,you've received great comments so here's to a successful beef roast xx

25 December 2010 From: Laprima
Thank you for posting this. A great source of help for a first-time Christmas roast. Very easy to follow instructions and handy tips throughout.

25 December 2010 From: Mark
Tried this recipe for the first time today (Christmas day) big gamble but the result was the best roast beef we have ever had thanks and merry Christmas.

25 December 2010 From: Kate Parker
Excellent instructions = perfect roast beef.  Thank you so much.

26 December 2010 From: Janice
Can cook most things, but roast beef always turned out like shoe leather!. Tried this today,! thank you so much!...we all enjoyed a perfect roast beef dinner!

14 November 2010 From: Mike Irving
Onions burnt black as is one side of beef, flour hasn't done anything. Where are the juices?
REPLY: Mike, if your oven is burning one side of the beef joint but not the other then I suspect you have a problem with your oven. Burnt all over I could understand but just burnt on one side means a faulty oven.

14 November 2010 From: Mick
Myself and my son used this recipe today. The best roast beef we have ever tasted. The only problem is, now that we have made such an amazing Sunday Roast, we will have to do it every Sunday !! Lucky it's such an easy recipe to follow. Ha Ha.

21 November 2010 From: Kathy C
This recipe has turned me into a bit of a culinary genius when it comes to roasting beef. Nice!

21 November 2010 From: Alan
I have been using this recipe for ages now and just realised that I have not commented on how spot on it is. Just follow the instructions and your beef will be PERRRRFIK!! Also the gent who recommended seasoning and hour early and leaving in the fridge is right. There is a way to improve on perfection after all. Thanks to you guys for helping me enjoy beef the way it should be.

3 December 2010 From: Latifa
Very nice roast beef but add some mint sauce when ur cooking the roast!!!!! :)

3 December 2010 From: Watco
Only ever cooked beans on toast, cooked the roast beef to your recipe for the boys with thick cut bread!   the bo**ox!........thank you!

5 December 2010 From: Ruth Parker
Recipe was great and easy to follow, the best roast beef we have ever cooked.  Thank you.

12 December 2010 From: Celia Cologne
Bliss!  The taste is absolutely sensational, particularly medium-rare, a positive 5 star effort.  I haven't cooked a beef joint in decades!! Being single makes me lazy and I get away with other dishes to please my friends!! However, Christmas with my brother and his wife puts me to the test and we decided this year we MUST have beef.  I viewed the prospect with trepidation, knowing what the possible results could be. I've just had a practice-run this weekend. Thanks to our excellent local butcher, a 3lb joint of magnificent Topside and your recipe I have achieved a 'michelin-star' roast.  I put bacofoil round the joint after the initial 15 minute fast-roast to save my bungalow from too many cooking fumes but obeyed the recipe apart from that. Thanks too your recipe I can now compete on equal terms with any housewife used to the weekly roast!!

12 December 2010 From: Paul
The only recipe  /guideline that my wife and I sue for roast beef!!! - excellent and consistent results every time!! THANK YOU so much!
> :0)

15 December 2010 From: Paul
Best beef I've ever cooked. My oven is rubbish and I did burn the onions and one side of the beef however I noticed in time and covered the beef in foil for the remainder of he time. I then used the juices and onions for one of the best gravies I've ever made and my speciality of beef and beef gravy but following this kicked the ass off my usual Sunday roast and I'll only do it this way in future.

18 December 2010 From: Chris Biggins
I was googling for info on how long to cook roast beef for. It says cook 50mins / lb for medium, yet the picture used is almost raw! It looks disgusting! How long should I cook it so that its cooked properly? 1hr 30mins / lb maybe? My cat wouldn't eat that the way you've "cooked" it... yuk.
Reply: If you prefer your roast beef well done then simply follow the instructions in the recipe for well done, the timings are there for you.

19 December 2010 From: Zorro
Thanks for the recipe. Xmas here we come.

20 December 2010 From: Not Given

24 December 2010 From: Louise
I am cooking my beef joint using this recipe today . This is the second time now and the beef comes out crispy on the outside and moist inside. It works a treat. Thank you. My family are now   Looking forward to the Christmas eve roast beef sandwiches tonight.

26 September 2010 From: Linz
Best joint of roast beef I have ever made following this, it is soo tender and tastes beautiful, thanks so much xx

26 September 2010 From: Philippa Craddock
I did this recipe for Christmas day. It was my first time cooking beef, and it went down a treat! I don't eat meat very much but this was LOVELY!!! Yum Yum.. xx

26 September 2010 From: Marion H
I can cook ANYTHING - except decent Roast Beef!  NOW, I can! Perfection!  Thank you so much. It was totally delicious.

3 October 2010 From: Lou
Fabulous roast beef recipe! Easy to follow with great results - thank you so much.

3 October 2010 From: Andrew Philip Jones
Top notch - never cooked a Sunday dinner before and now I have. I used some slightly diff ingredients but wow - it's better than my mothers.

19 October 2010 From: Matthew
Totally agree with getting meat from a butcher rather than supermarkets, my family have had the same butcher for almost 40 yrs and have had only 2 bits of bad meat in all that time, absolutely refuse to buy pre-packed roasts, you've got to have quality meat for it no question so I trust family butchers, bought a 5lb joint from a local butcher, superb is the only word to describe it, plus your recipe made it too irresistible to be left alone for long, still scoffing bits now, though it's not as good as our mam's with a cut from Peter Short, our family butcher. Great roast beef recipe though.

24 October 2010 From: Susie
I am struggling to cook roast potatoes, roast beef, and Yorkshire at  different temperatures. The beef can come out and stand. But I have had the pots cooking at 190 now have to up the temp for the yorkies and my pots start to dry out and/or burn.
REPLY: One possible solution is to remove the potatoes from the oven just before the Yorkshire puds go in. Presumably the potatoes are in a baking / roasting tin, so they can be placed on the hob, set at a low medium heat. Cover with foil and they will still continue to cook slowly and retain their heat. Alternatively, cover them with foil in the oven when the Yorkshire puds go in and this will stop them drying out.

27 October 2010 From: Not Given
The timing and temperature are perfect per lb. Best  roast topside I ever cooked thanks.

31 October 2010 From: Caroline
Brilliant recipe! Lovely yummy beef... at last!

19 September 2010 From: Geraldine
I had just bought a really good joint of Topside and wanted to make sure it was cooked properly as we had guests coming for Sunday Lunch. Tried this recipe for the first time. All the family loved it. Husband said it was the best beef he had EVER tasted. Will be keeping the recipe for future reference.

18 September 2010 From: john mcgartland
Good guidelines. If you want more flavour in the beef when you have covered it in the crushed peppercorns, olive oil and salt, wrap it in cling film and leave in the fridge for an hour before cooking ,jm.

18 September 2010 From: Karen S
I had given up cooking roast beef due to countless tasteless, tough results.  This works perfectly every time and is the best roast beef I have ever tasted.  Thank you|!

20 September 2010 From: Ray Smaldon
I have cooked beef for many years and yesterday I cooked a 5lb piece of Topside rare, your way. I have to say the last time I tasted roast beef this good was at "Simpsons in the Strand", says it all. Many thanks, will certainly use the recipe again.

25 September 2010 From: Jan
Absolutely beef Sunday roast I have made ..thank u.

19 June 2010
I get confused when you say let the roast stand for ? minutes, how do you then serve it hot? Surely it then gets cold?
ANSWER: The meat doesn't get cold but does lose much of its heat when left to stand. If you want the beef to be warmer make sure it is served on hot plates. Combine that with a hot serving of gravy and that should do the job.

18 July 2010
My husband says we can only ever have beef again if I use this method. After 22 years I have finally cracked it!

David Llewelyn
4 August 2010
Perfect 2kg silverside joint. I'm now the roast beef cook in the house as it's been overdone and tasteless time and time again in the past. NOT THIS TIME, Loved it and easy, many thanks.

David Tilly
5 August 2010
Average at best.

Julie Tompkins
22 August 2010
Oh my word, just used this recipe as my husband bought topside off the butchers counter at Tesco and wasn't sure how to cook it. It turned out to be the nicest roast beef ever and the onions with the gravy were fantastic.  The whole family loved it and said this is how beef should be cooked from now on.

22 August 2010
After 30 years of disastrous results, I can safely say that today I arrived thanks to your fantastic advice.

Mark Baron
22 August 2010
Use this method all the time now. Absolutely brilliant.

Steve Fox
22 August 2010
Use this method for roast beef every time with fantastic results. I'm still fine tuning the times to ensure pink in the middle but that is down to an erratic oven! Just a quick note to mary-ann. (5ish posts above) As long as you put the joint (un carved of course!) on a pre warmed plate and use foil you lose very little temperature. Thanks again for the recipe!

5 September 2010
Can't comment just yet, letting it stand, but it looks fantastico...

Victoria Imeson
6 September 2010
Have been using this method for roast beef since I found it at the beginning of the year and used it for several different cuts of beef. It works perfectly every time, timings are more exact for the rest of the dinner and has made something that I used to dread as being very laborious and not always worth the effort into something simple and quick enough to be a mid week dinner. Many thanks.

Dave J
6 September 2010
It's the only way to cook roast beef. Loved it, always have roast veg ..... mmmmmmmmmmm.

Adam K
9 September 2010
You say "Cook the beef for another 17 minutes per 450g (1lb). This will give you rare  For medium cooked beef add 15 minutes more, or for well done beef add 30 minutes more".  Stupid question but is this an
extra 15mins per pound i.e. 32mins per pound, or just an extra 15mins for the whole joint?.
Hi, That's an extra 15 / 30 minutes for the whole joint not per pound. I've updated the instructions to make it clearer. Thanks for pointing that out.

From: June
28 February 2010
Absolutely gorgeous roast beef.  Family loved it and commented "best ever mum". Gravy was so rich and tasty. Joint bought from local butcher, and definitely better than supermarket. Slightly more expensive but well worth
it. Thanks for the recipe, and I shall be doing lots more from this website.

From: Tim
13 March 2010
Cooked rib roast beef this way. Cost 19.00 from my local butcher, it was amazing. 10/10 many thanks !!

From: Alan Davison
14 March 2010
Top marks - I cooked a 2lb piece of Topside which I purchased from my local butcher and used the above guidelines. Without a shadow of doubt this was the best beef joint that I have cooked, also the fact that it was Mothers's Day I was able to impress my wife and the mother in law!!!!

From: Theresa
21 March 2010
This is the best ever recipe for roast beef . It was a dream to eat. Thank you.

From: Will
21 March 2010
Best roast beef ever - will be doing this again next week for sure.

From: Katie
11 April 2010
I am a complete dunce in the kitchen and the simpler the better - used this recipe to cook my first roast beef joint and the results were amazing!!! My husband was convinced it was shop prepared and went hunting
for the was that good!! I added a few chopped garlic cloves to the onions for a bit more flavour and the meat was devoured by everyone at the table....many thanks!

Courtney & Paul
19 April 2010
This is the best Roast beef recipe!  Me and my husband have been using this recipe every time since we first tried it for our New Year's dinner!  We use the Sirloin joint every time and its delicious!  Thank you
for the recipe!

Darren and Keeley
30 April 2010
Been using this way of cooking roast beef for a while now, turns out great.. We put the beef on top of our veg carrots parsnips and onion. With a little beef stock in the bottom (oxo cube). It's wicked, try it.

9 June 2010
I have used this method now the last 5 times I have cooked Roast Beef and the Joint has been superb Every Single Time!! It has to be the Best Ever recipe. Thank you.
From: Gary
17 January 2010
Excellent roast beef recipe. I let mine cook on low for 4 hours, so tender & mouth watering.

From: Nicole
7 February 2010
I followed your instructions and without a doubt the best roast beef I have ever made! Thank you, my brother missed out last time and I am making it tonight. I hope I can do it again!

From: Jon
7 February 2010
Use this for all my meat cooking instructions and always get amazing results. Cheers.

From: Jessica
8 February 2010
Awesome roast beef recipe, I made this earlier for our dinner and it smelt divine. Even better when it was all cooked, it is gorgeous; even my partner loved it! I'd defo recommend to anyone and will be cooking this

From: Ross
10 February 2010
Are the times given for a fan assisted oven or a conventional oven? If for conventional oven what adjustments should i make for a fan oven, thanks?
ANSWER: The simple answer is that I have now adjusted the recipe to show times for fan-assisted / convection ovens as well. But your comment got me investigating and this is an area that depends very definitely on the type of fan-assisted / convection oven you have. So much so, that I have written a small article about it to explain in detail. Click here for the article on convection ovens.

From: Nigel
2 January 2010
Excellent recipe. I cooked a 3lb rib joint purchased from my local butcher for Xmas day using the above guide lines and it turned out perfectly. The meat melted in the mouth...mmmmmmmm

From: Dave
16 January 2010
An excellent easy to follow guide to roast beef. I've used this several times now since Christmas and as long as the meat is good quality you can't go far wrong with the timings and tips on this recipe.

From: Jillian
17 January 2010
Followed your temps/times and it turned out just as expected (rare) and it was delicious. Thanks for good info.

From: Natalie
23 January 2010
I have a topside joint of beef which weighs 1.282kg it says to cook for 90 mins but you say only 45mins if I want it medium. Which is best?
ANSWER: Possibly you have misread the instructions? First, cook for 15 minutes at 230C. Then 17 minutes per 450g (about 48 minutes for 1.282kg) at 190C. Finally, because you want medium beef, add another 15 minutes. Total cooking time therefore is roughly 80 minutes. Not so far off your 90 minutes. And remember, the beef has been cooked in the oven at a very hot 230C for the initial 15 minutes. Also, the meat has also been cooked on the hob for a few minutes to seal it. Hope that helps.

From: Liz Mackenzie
18 December 2009
I would just like to say I am a farmer's wife from the north of Scotland and can tell you that Morrison's butchery is just as good if not better than any local butcher.  They pay the top price at the market for
their cattle, source locally and obviously hang it well.  Just wanted to stick up for this supermarket as they do the farmer proud and should not be tarred with the same brush as the other supermarkets.

From: Andrew Clear
23 December 2009
Like a thousand angels dancing on my tongue!!!!!

From: Martin
25 December 2009
i have got a joint of silverside with next to no fat on it do I need to use more olive oil?
ANSWER: I would. Rub a couple of tablespoons of it into the beef with your hands.

From: Michelle
25 December 2009
I have bought crown of beef (3 1/4 lb) for dinner for Christmas. I am going to cook for 17 per pound plus 15 mins -fingers crossed here goes for happy guests.

From: JB
26 December 2009
Brilliant recipe. It worked! I brought the beef joint from my local Morrison's for a very reasonable price.

From: Rehana
2 January 2010
I cooked this on Christmas day...followed exactly what you said....and guess what??? It was the best beef roast i have ever cooked, so a massive THANK YOU.

From: Michael Judd
8 November 2009
A very good roast beef recipe, I used extra virgin and extra onions to make a delicious onion gray.

From: Margaret Arton
19 November 2009
I cooked my Sirloin just like you recommended and it was as tough as old boots, should I have added water, or should I have put a lid on the roasting tin?
ANSWER: Neither Margaret, it should be cooked as per the recipe. The most likely cause of a tough sirloin is that the quality of the meat was not good. Did you buy the meat from a supermarket (see COOK'S NOTES at the top of the recipe) or from a butcher?

From: Sharon long
22 November 2009
Used this recipe several weeks ago and the beef was cooked perfectly. Just checking it again as I will be doing this for dinner today.

From: Kim
01 December 2009
Excellent roast beef recipe, it tasted great. I will definitely cook this again. Many thanks x.

From: Anne
04 December 2009
I bought a joint of meat from the butcher but it just said 'roasting beef'?
ANSWER: Ask the butcher what joint it is. If he doesn't know or hasn't the time then you know for certain to go somewhere else next time.

From: Pauline
06 December 2009
Very good recipe but I used beef dripping which you can get from Asda. Tastes better x.


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