Gazpacho Salmorejo Recipe

 Preparation Time: 15  Cooking Time:  None but 3
 hours cooling.
 How Difficult Very easy  Freeze?   No

4 starters

The two key ingredients to Salmorejo are tomatoes and olive oil. Choose the ripest tomatoes you can buy. If here are no really ripe tomatoes then canned tomatoes are better then half ripe tomatoes. Different varieties of tomato will of course give the soup different tastes.

The second key ingredient is olive oil. The best for this recipe is, of course, good quality Spanish extra virgin olive oil.

The white bread can be anything you want, we use a Spanish type stick bread. But any other type of bread can be used. One of the original purposes behind gazpacho was to use up stale bread, so this recipe is best with 2 to 4 day old bread. The crust is discarded, only the white centre part of the bread is used.

This soup predates refrigeration so it would normally be served cool but not chilled. Indeed, if you chill the soup too much the flavour of the tomatoes is reduced but this is a matter of personal preference. Salt also contributes to the taste of Salmorejo and that too is a matter of personal preference. We suggest half a teaspoon although tasting and adding more as the taste improves is the real way to get the salt level correct.

Finally to eating this delicious cold soup. Individual portions can be poured into glasses with the egg and ham served in a bowl in the centre of the table. Even better though is to pour all the Salmorejo in a bowl, garnish with the hard boiled eggs and ham and treat it as a dip. Bread sticks and / or fresh bread are used to mop it all up - delicious!



How Much
Ripe tomatoes 500g
Spanish extra virgin olive oil


Stale bread with the crust removed 200g
Garlic clove 1
Salt Half a teaspoon or to taste
Hard boiled eggs (garnish) 2
Good quality ham (garnish) 60g / 2oz

Food processor

To peel the tomatoes cut 4 slits in the skin and then place in boiling water for 30 seconds. Transfer the tomatoes to cold water and leave for one minute. The skin will now peel off easily.

Peel, top and tail and finely chop the garlic.

Remove the crust from the stale bread and place the stale dough into the food processor. Add the tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and salt. Blend for about two minutes until the mixture is as smooth as the food processor can make it. Pour the salmorejo into your choice of serving dish(es) and chill in the fridge for three hours.

Garnish with eggs, ham and serve with breadsticks or crusty bread.

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