Gazpacho Soup Recipe

 Preparation Time: 2  Cooking Time:  None but 3
 hours cooling.
 How Difficult Very easy  Freeze?   No

4 -6 starters

Traditionally Gazpacho soup is served as a starter and when prepared correctly, it's an excellent choice. But it can also be served as a very adult drink at a barbecue or when dining al fresco, an ideal alternative to alcohol.

When served as a starter, in our opinion it should always be served with fresh crusty bread. A few bowls of simple tasters to go with it transforms this delicious soup into something quite exotic. Olives, finely sliced spring onions, chopped hard boiled eggs and ham cubes are ideal.

See our page on making Gazpacho soup here for the basic principles behind many gazpacho soups. The key is not to let any one ingredient over power the overall taste. And remember, fridge chilled soup is the coldest it should be, no ice is the rule. If the soup is too cold the flavour is blunted, cool not ice-cool is the rule.

If you don't have sherry vinegar then wine vinegar is an ideal alternative. Whichever you use don't overdo it, two tablespoons are about right.



How Much
Ripe tomatoes 1kg
Sweet (bell) peppers



1 medium

Spanish extra virgin olive oil


Stale bread with the crust removed 100g
Garlic clove 1 to 2 maximum
Sherry vinegar (see cook's notes) 2 tablespoons
Salt Half a teaspoon or to taste

Food processor

Peel the cucumber then slice into chunks. Chop the tomatoes (if large ones) into quarters.

Cut the peppers into half, remove the stalk, the pith and all the seeds. Peel the garlic, top and tail it and then chop finely.

Put all the ingredients into the food processor - you will need to do this in two batches because all the ingredients will not fit into the food processor. Blend for at least two to three minutes. Add the mixture into a sieve and push it through with a spoon. Chill (covered) for three hours, garnish with whatever is to hand then serve in individual bowls.

Serve with crusty bread.

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