Cheese and Herb Omelette


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3 medium eggs

Level teaspoon of dried mixed herbs or a heaped tablespoon of fresh chopped mixed herbs.
50 g grated strong cheddar cheese 2 oz grated strong cheddar cheese
1 tablespoon olive oil or a teaspoon of butter
Salt and pepper to taste

Preparation Before Cooking
Grate the cheese.
Heat the serving plate in the oven

Cooking Equipment
Frying pan - preferably with a 20 to 25cm (8 to 10 inch) base (not the top).
A 'turner' or similar to flip the omelette over.


Put the eggs, herbs and salt and pepper into a bowl and mix with a fork.

The idea is to get the egg whites and yolks just mixed together and no more. Don't whisk the eggs or mix for more than about 30 seconds otherwise you will incorporate too much air into the mix and the result will be a soufflé rather than an omelette.

Heat the oil or butter to a medium / high temperature in the frying pan. Pour in the egg mixture and after 30 seconds or so mix the firming egg mixture in the pan. This will allow uncooked liquid to get to the base of the pan and cook the mix quickly. After another 30 seconds, when the mix is half-cooked (see picture), sprinkle the cheese (or other ingredients) evenly over one half of the omelette.

Cook the omelette until the top has started to firm up and cheese is beginning to melt. This should take around a minute.

Using a turner, flip the omelette over in half (the half without cheese to go over the half with cheese) as in the picture. Cook each side for a further 15 to 30 seconds or so until each side is very light golden brown.

When cooked, gently slide the omelette out of the frying pan and onto the pre-heated plate - this will avoid any chance of the omelette breaking.

To keep things very simple we served ours with peas but almost any vegetable will go with an omelette.

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