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Ginger Bread Men Recipe Comments Page 1
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 Ginger Bread Men Recipe Comments Page 1

We've received too many comments to include all of them on the main ginger bread men recipe page. So, the older ones are included on this page below.

Five star rating 23 November 2011 From: Michelle
Great for big kids too! 21 and made these as bats for Halloween! They were fab, soft enough to just nibble on! Will be making some more soon!!

Five star rating 30 November 2011 From: Suzi
gr8 propa tsty givs gr8 result

Five star rating 01 December 2011 From: Annabella
Children and staff enjoyed making and eating the gingerbread men. They tasted so yummy.

Five star rating 01 December 2011 From: Jordan
Im gonna make these at school great descriptions and I will be looking forward to make them on Monday nom nom nom [-_-]

Five star rating 03 December 2011 From: Molly
Ilooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove ginger bread men so cool so scrumptious. I would definitely recommend this recipe.

5 star rating 03 December 2011 From: Hannah
Soooo good!!! I love how easy it was - no refrigeration and just easy ingredients! Made them for visitors and were all gone in a few minutes! 5+ stars!

4 star rating 03 December 2011 From: Not Given
Good gingerbread men recipe I used it for a school bake sale so I doubled the mixture!! ;) Really yummy!!!

5 star rating 13 December 2011 From: Not Given
Great recipe!!

5 star rating 17 December 2011 From: Maria
I live in Peru and I made the biscuits with the children in my school, they really loved them.

5 star rating 16 December 2011 From: Christine
Excellent result, Thanks!

5 star rating 17 December 2011 From: Amy
Made theses with my 2.25 yr old and it was really easy. She loved tickling the mixture together and squishing the egg. She also liked using the cutters to make shapes. We will be doing this again next week for santa claus!

5 star rating 17 December 2011 From: Cookie

5 star rating 23 December 2011 From: Helen
Great recipe, only thing i found tho was the thicker you cut them the softer they are so will be cutting the next batch thinner to make them nice and crispy. I will also be adding more ginger as I like mine to taste rather strongly, great recipe tho thanks

5 star rating 24 December 2011 From: Jen
Just made these for my bf for xmas :) great!

5 star rating 24 December 2011 From: Razzie
This was really easy and fun to make and I really enjoyed making them. They were ever so yummy!!! I will be using this a lot more!!!!!!!

4 star rating 24 December 2011 From: Cristina
Had fun making some Christmas shapes out of the mix. Yummy

5 star rating 10 January 2012 From: Not Given
My cousin loved it!!! Thank you for this.

5 star rating 16 January 2012 From: Sonya
I have used this recipe at least 20 times and it's always been successful.

5 star rating 27 January 2012 From: Stef
Simply delicious!

5 star rating 9 February 2012 From: Not Given
My 13 year old son made these himself with minimal supervision. By the time he had washed up, they were ready!!! Delicious!!!

4 star rating 9 February 2012 From: Sophia(2)
I think dark muscovado sugar works better, but apart from that, amazing recipe! Hi to the other Sophia and anyone who goes to The Shrubbery School or another private school! Thanku 4 reading this comment!

3 star rating 9 February 2012 From: Not Given
This recipes looks ok, but it pretension is poor.

4 November 2011 From: Connor Burwell
It is brilliant and it is really easy to follow.

Four star rating 8 November 2011 From: Josie
Made the mistake of using too much syrup because I thought it would taste nicer. They just spread so I made another batch, other then that lovely.

Five star rating 8 November 2011 From: Liz
Going to try this recipe out with the children that I work with and c how they react and respond to the activity as some of the children don't get the choice to bake at home with an adult.

Five star rating 13 November 2011 From: Sophia
My friend and I tried this (we are both 7 year olds) and it worked out really really well! Cheers! We made like 4 portions of this and there were more than 70 gingerbread men! ;D

Five star rating 13 November 2011 From: Melanie
Used this receipe a few times now the past few weeks, it's nice and easy and always successful, and my boys love them, so thank you.

Five star rating 14 November 2011 From: Not Given
My 2 and 5 year old kids had a ball making the biscuts and they tasted great as well!!

Five star rating 17 November 2011 From: Phoebe
This made fantastic tasting tractors - got 21 out of the mixture!

Five star rating 18 November 2011 From: Abi
We had a great time making these, thank you.

Five star rating 19 November 2011 From: Zoe Abi Milli
Did them with my 2 and 6 year old girls, easy to make, taste great, kept them busy for a bit, thumbs up

Five star rating 23 November 2011 From: Aaliyah
Funtastic. Awesome.

Five star rating 23 November 2011 From: Michelle
Great for big kids too! 21 and made these as bats for Halloween! They were fab, soft enough to just nibble on! Will be making some more soon!!

24 October 2011 From: Lily Grace
I had lots of fun making and eating these yummy gingerbread men with my Mummy!

25 October 2011 From: Zoe
I had so much fun baking these with my sister age 9 and my brother age 7 I'm 11. They were delicious! Wonderful, they worked really well. Thanks for your help!

26 October 2011 From: Shazz
This recipe was very easy to make. My son has an allergy to eggs, so I added 2oz extra butter and omitted the egg. The gingerbread men & women are very tasty. Thanks for providing this recipe. :o)))

28 October 2011 From: Rachel
I used this recipe to make my daughter some Halloween shaped gingerbread for her birthday party and they turned out really well :) and they tasted GREAT :D

28 October 2011 From: Grace and Becky Fletcher
Awesome, really easy and fun!

28 October 2011 From: Stephanie
Easy to follow and taste just like ones from a bakery - yummy! I've done gingerbread ghosties and pumpkins for Halloween! :)

29 October 2011 From: Liz
Awesome. Made them with my 2yr old and she has so much fun, it's now a weekly event, we added slightly more syrup as we like them more gooey than crunchy and a bit more ginger.

Four star rating 1 November 2011 From: Samah

2 November 2011 From: Not Given
Excellent recipe. Super easy and tasty. I added cinnamon as well.

12 June 2011 From: Mel
The gingerbread men were lovely, I have never tasted anything so nice in my life, hope 2 make some more soon -x-

19 July 2011 From: Alice
I enjoyed making these gingerbread men with the cooking set I had for my birthday.

30 August 2011 From: Amelia
Excellent recipe, I couldn't of asked for more.

02 October 2011 From: Robyn
Really helped me for school recipe :) but I'm making it different shaped hehe.

03 October 2011 From: Sarah
My 2 yr old loved making them - yummmmeeeeee!

03 October 2011 From: Mia
Used it for F.T in school went really well great recipe!!!

17 October 2011 From: Amy
What temp did you put oven on?
Answer: The recipe above says "Pre-heat the oven to 180C / 350F / Gas Mark 4"

17 October 2011 From: Desiree
Me and my mummy had so much fun making them I give you 5 stars!!

17 October 2011 From: Pat
Loved doing them with milow.

18 October 2011 From: Nicole F

21 October 2011 From: Leah
Wow! Mine worked really well by following your recipe! Thanks.

23 October 2011 From: Kerin
Very yummy - great school holiday activity with my two beautiful girls. Thanks So Much.
02 January 2011 From: James & Lucy
This was super duper!! I have never had so much blooming fantastic fun ever!! Gingerbread men were awesome and I couldn't have asked for a more awesomer recipe!! Thank you muchly :) xx

07 January 2011 From: Holly
Tasted good in the end, but I had to add a bit of extra flour as the dough went very sticky. I'd also recommend adding more ginger than it says here, but overall, very easy to make and turned out lovely!

07 January 2011 From: Chantelle
Easy to make and my boys loved them.

18 January 2011 From: Hayley
Brilliant recipe, my daughter had loads of fun getting involved as well. Will add a bit more flour next time as many men are missing limbs or a head. I added extra ginger as well to make the taste perfect. Thanks :0)

1 February 2011 From: Maza
My grandson loved making these had to stop him eating them all they were so easy to make an tasted fab.

25 February 2011 From: Natalie
fab recipe, dunno why people are saying they had to use more flour. Our recipe was spot on don't understand how it can be too sticky you hardly use anything to bind it together. Fantastic thanks and its made plenty we will be certainly taking them around the family. My boy loved making them thanks x

3 March 2011 From: Sitaram
Very nice gingerbread man, I like it.

6 March 2011 From: Tom Leavesley
This was soooooooooooooooo easy. I loved making this it was  soooooooooooooo yummy in the end. Unfortunately the head fell off!

28 April 2011 From: Pinksnip
Great easy recipe, works every time, made these with a class 45 children ranging from 4-7. They loved it.

26 May 2011 From: Yasmin
It was brilliant i loved it!! you get 5 stars!!

10 June 2011 From: Sam
It is the best Ginger bread men ever.

13 December 2010 From: Jennifer
I made these ginger bread men last week, my friends loved the so much they're begging for more, making a new batch tonight/now. They are amazing I love them! taste so good!

15 December 2010 From: Haloola
This is the best thing ever best thank u for the best recipe 4 a gingerbread man ever :)

15 December 2010 From: Kerishan
it is a good a. I make a ginger bread mans a good un. i nommy nommy in ma tummy. i like a yeess

16 December 2010 From: Wendy
Excellent for kids but had to add a little extra flour as recipe was a little too sticky !!  Added cinnamon for a Christmas batch... Rather Yummy.

18 December 2010 From: Not Given
Great recipe, easy to follow love it =]

18 December 2010 From: Not Given
It was a really good gingerbread man recipe, but had to use black treacle instead of golden syrup though it came out really nice! my family loved them! They came out hard on the outside but chewy on the inside. :D

19 December 2010 From: Not Given
Really good recipe!

20 December 2010 From: Jamie Humphries
We made ginger bread men in school the other day they were delicious whoever made this recipe is a genius a proper genius thank you sooooo much!!!

20 December 2010 From: Emma
Needs a bit more flour, but that's very easily fixed :) thank you very much for the recipe!

21 December 2010 From: Tommy
Thank you for them nice ginger bread men ill all wase make them on a good day.

21 December 2010 From: Lucy Cian, Ireland
Great recipe made ginger bread men with Lucy and Cian they loved it, ages 4 and 2.

22 December 2010 From: Miracle
I love this recipe... it's sooo easy 2 make.

22 December 2010 From: Esther
If you use just 2 tablespoons of the golden syrup it is even better - a great recipe!

24 December 2010 From: Claire Campbell
Brilliant Recipe Too Make!! I Made This Today On Christmas Eve!! To Eat On Christmas Day!! I Would Recommend This Recipe Too Anyone, Because It Was Simple And Easy Too Follow!! They Only Problem Was They Turned Out A Bit Big!! And Mis-Shapen.. But They Were Yummy, And We Had Fun Making Them! :D.. Would Recommend This Recipe Only Too Be Used On Christmas Eve As It Leaves The House Nice And Smelling Of Ginger! :D

27 December 2010 From: Alex
Look Great, and are nice and crunchy on the outside, but soft on the inside. However, they were barely "gingery", despite putting in over 4 1/2 Tsp's of ginger in - over 3 times the recommended amount - which was obviously quite disappointing.
On the Contrary, they still had a good flavour even without the taste of ginger - nice and "treacly", even if the objective of the biscuit wasn't accomplished. Still, I will more than likely be making them more times in the future=]

29 December 2010 From: Tereza Urbancova
Use honey instead of syrup it is sweeter. I accidently used powdered cloves and cinnamon in stead of ginger but it is still good.

30 December 2010 From: Helen
Lovely-tasting gingerbread men although the recipe was very sticky and I had to add an extra 3-4oz of flour.  The result was a whopping 85 gingerbread men!

23 October 2010 From: Kieran and Amber
My sister, Amber, made a lot of mess - she is 4 yrs old. But, they were delicious.

25 October 2010 From: Louise Scotford
Great recipe, will be using again. We made halloween biscuits, don't think we'll get the chance to decorate them. To Yummy!! I would say that when we make them again, I will use a bit more ginger. Ta louise

28 October 2010 From: Teigen
Very good I enjoyed making it.

28 October 2010 From: John Miller
Have just begun to learn to bake and your recipe looks really good. I'm 60 now, but I'm told you're never too old to learn thanks!

3 November 2010 From: Niamh Bennett
I made these ginger bread men for halloween with my dad. And then I gave the rest of my friends and family and they said it was delic. I thought it was really easy but really tasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 November 2010 From: Simon W
Perfect gingerbread. I couldn't have asked for a better or easier recipe. And I'm a kid of 31 ;)

14 November 2010 From: Louise
Just made these with my 3 girls they loved making them they are REALLY  YUMMY  thanx for the recipe will be making them as pressies for family xx

21 November 2010 From: James
If we had followed it properly, I'm sure it would have worked. What we made wasn't really gingerbread but it does taste scrummy.

21 November 2010 From: Alistair
Fab and easy to make.

30 November 2010 From: Sinead and Skye
Very good, nice simple directions :) sinead and skye

4 December 2010 From: Lori Baskerville
Not as easy as everyone seems to think. Had to add a lot more flour. The recipe was too sticky. We will never use the recipe again!!

4 December 2010 From: Lori Baskerville
Yummy I made ginger bread men for school and every1 loved it and I'm an amazing chef says daddy!!

12 December 2010 From: Jade
This recipe is amazing, I'm using this for Christmas, hope my family like it. Jade age 11

13 December 2010 From: Kathy
This recipe is amazing, I'm using this for Christmas, hope my family like it. Jade age 11

18 September 2010 From: Not Given
I made them for school they where yummy.

20 September 2010 From: Amber Gregory
It is a fantastic ginger bread men recipe! I found it easy to follow and my sister and brother loved it x.

21 September 2010 From: Svahna
This was so delicious and such an easy recipe.

25 September 2010 From: Zuzana and Charli
We have done this recipe a few times, as it is easy to follow and every time the ginger bread men are delicious. We love it, thank you.

28 September 2010 From: Jenny
Absolutely amazing! I made these ginger bread men yesterday, and they were delicious! The person who made this recipe is a genius! I decorated mine with red writing icing :] Try this recipe please! Absolutely breath-taking, my friends are begging me to make them again, so I'm making another batch tonight! Jenny, aged 13.

3 October 2010 From: Codie
Made it for a school project. Thank you for the easy to follow instructions.

3 October 2010 From: Not Given
These gingerbread men were REALLY nice!!!!!!

7 October 2010 From: Not Given
i love this recipe so easy but tasty! I use it all the time thank you.

7 October 2010 From: Suzy Warner
It was very understanding, I would like to eat you up.

14 October 2010 From: Shama
I love it.

21 October 2010 From: Alex E
It makes the ginger bread men warm in my tummy, they were delicious and scrummy in my tummy x

21 October 2010 From: Taylor
This Recipe is awesome, They taste great and easy to make..!!!!!!!

From: Natasha + Loulou
6 April 2010
We think this recipe is really good and ginger bread men are great xxxx

From: Khadijah
9 April 2010

From: Arnold
14 April 2010
This the best website, me and my son made them and they were very delicious thank you!!!!!!!!!!

From: Not Given
15 April 2010
Love your gingerbread men and loved making them.

From: Christine
1 May 2010
Make these gingerbread men for every charity function in our village. The kids absolutely love to decorate them ... and dads seem to love to demolish them.

From: Mrs Cullen
9 May 2010
Wow! This gingerbread men recipe looks really easy! My mum made me cook some gingerbread men for my 4 year old brother and sister...but unfortunately they're making them with me! Hope it turns out good!

From: Louise Graham
12 May 2010
It was good, I did it with no adult.

From: Katie Smith
3 June 2010
Fantastic Ginger bread men, can't wait to eat them, need more ginger.

From: Bex
4 June 2010
Easy To make, good pictures... THANKS very much :) xx.

From: Lauren Fearon
19 June 2010
I love this recipe, I'm making ginger bread igglepiggles. Lauren, age 24

From: Meg
20 June 2010
Awesome I am 12 and a really enthusiastic cook. These really brighten up any meal you make for small kids.

From: Lucy
23 June 2010
I make them all the time, simply fantastic ! :)

From: Darren Faetz
21 July 2010
I made these with my 2 kids  started to make 12 ended up with over 50 of them.  Army on my bench  neighbour's kids enjoyed them too, had about 15 of them at my door.  Fantastic

From: Stacey Louise
21 July 2010
These are great for me to make with my 3 year old daughter, thank you xx.

From: Imogen
17 July 2010
I'm putting together a recipe book of my favourite things to bake and this recipe is the first in the book! Thank you, very easy and very yummy :)

Nikki Mills & Caitlyn
7 August 2010
We love this simple and easy to follow recipe, we use it all the time. x

9 August 2010
My gingerbread men were delicious and its good that they don't run away because I am not very fast. I wouldn't be able to catch them and eat them.

Katrina Bugeja
17 August 2010
I haven't done them yet but they look really delicious and the recipe, method and pictures, it really shows how easy and quick they are.

Katrina Kym
22 August 2010
This is such an easy recipe, and so delicious, my 2 grandsons loved making them one rainy morning last week. They decorated them with Smarties and sprinkles and they looked more like ginger barbies than ginger men ! !

From: Eden S
26 February 2010
I'm going to make these for my school friends for book week because we have to go in as a book character.

From: Robyn Corduff
27 February 2010
These gingerbread men look delicious and soooooo easy to make. Definitely going to try them, I just have to get the ginger!!!

From: Josey
2 March 2010
Yummy, I enjoyed making them xox.

From: Jen
6 March 2010
Just made gingerbread aliens with my son - we can't wait to decorate and ea them!!  Fantastic easy recipe!!!

From: Ryan
11 March 2010
mm they were delicious!

From: Not known
13 March 2010

From: Monkey Pig
16 March 2010
Very simple recipe.  Easy to follow, the only thing I'd change in future is to double the amount of ground ginger as I think it needs a little more kick to it...but maybe that's just my personal taste! Thanks for the recipe, greatly appreciated as I now finish off  decorating my Gingerbread Soldiers.

From: Caketin and Molllie Moo
18 March 2010
Hehe, we're only 14 and this was sooo fun!
We made the 12 disciples for a RE project (:

From: Squiff
22 March 2010
The first batch of ginger bread men, according to my partner, weren't gingery enough (even though he ate 4 with his coffee ands took another 3 to work). so I've just made a second bath with twice as much ginger AND some cinnamon and substituted half the syrup for treacle. Their flavour is much stronger - let's see how long these last! Fantastic recipe, thanks!

From: Hollzz
1 April 2010
IT TOOK FOREVER and the pastry kept like crumbling when i was cutting it out and rolling it. xox

From: Sophie
15 February 2010
I've made these ginger bread men with the children 4 times now, they love them! So simple to make and very yum!

From: Hannah C
18 February 2010
OMG! This was a wonderful recipe for my little brothers and sisters!!! They loved making then!!!! And of course they tasted amazing!!! The whole family loved them!!

From: Rachel
21 February 2010
I am 14 and still love making gingerbread men. This recipe is great. Thanks

From: Mandy
23 February 2010
I doubled up the recipe and replaced two spoons of syrup with two of treacle yummy my kids loved them.

From: Mark
23 February 2010
They taste great. I am 34 and I like ginger bread men so I made some for my son and grandson. They are great !!!!!

From: Traci
23 February 2010
Just seen this recipe, looks more simpler than the delia one!!! Gona try it tomorrow. Thanks  xx

From: Emily
24 February 2010
Fantastic! So easy to make. They seem to take a lot less time in my oven. Today I made them with chocolate chips - yum! Thanks so much.

From: Sharon
05 January 2010
Excellent! Definitely a recipe to keep.  Made with three toddlers who enjoyed every minute, especially demolishing them.

From: Hannah Taylor
09 January 2010
Thanks for this recipe. It helped at first I made about 12 but by the time I finished tidying up they where gone so I'm guessing my brother ate them so but thank you for this fab ginger bread men recipe.

From: Annika Scott
11 January 2010
Brilliant, we loved making them, and eating them. my 2 year old son was even keen to wash up afterwards! I would add more ginger next time :).

From: Mrs Sanders
19 January 2010
These were very easy to make, thanks so much for posting. They were not very gingery, I will add more next time too, but I guess for kids who aren't sure about ginger, it is a good way to try...!

From: Gini
28 January 2010
Oh they were truly scrumptious ginger bread men, my children loved making them ;).

From: Beth
28 January 2010
Your recipe was fab.

From: Matt
8 February 2010
I used mixed spices rather than Ginger and they were really tasty.

From: Leeanne
24 December 2009
Taste great just like ginger nut biscuits.

From: Sarah
24 December 2009
Amazingly simple.

From: Claire
24 December 2009
I'm making some batches of these ginger bread men at the moment for an Xmas present...simply love them!

From: Gemma
24 December 2009
Great recipe easy to make with kids. Only thing I had to add more ginger as they didn't taste like ginger first x.

From: Anala
21 December 2009
They were fab so simple to make thank u for the easy steps.

From: Deborah Akcicek
02 January 2010
Very good recipe. Good to make with the children, fun to make. I put a little more Ginger in as it always do with recipes. They turned out brilliant, good to keep the little one busy.

From: Lisa
22 December 2009
They are just cooking, my 5 year old is in her element, and the kitchen's a right pickle! Best clean up before the decorating starts!, and then I'll no doubt need to do it all over again! Great fun!

From: Michelle
22 December 2009
Me and my son have made them and it's the first time he's baked. But we've to eat some more as he's sat and scoffed the lot. At least I know he likes your gingerbread men!!!

From: Megan and Danielle
22 December 2009
they were very tasty and easy to make.

From: Poppy
24 December 2009
Great, tasted good :) Thanks x

From: Paul
8 November 2009
Delicious and easy to make. Thanks.

From: Natalie
14 November 2009
Brilliant lol xxx fantastic gingerbread men recipe, really enjoyed them and the whole process was great x

From: Fiona
16 November 2009
Made lovely ginger bread men but far more than the recipe suggested.

18 November 2009
I made this with my 5 year old niece. Very easy and nice taste. Only needed 10 minutes in my oven.

From: Katy
21 November 2009
I made them ad they were great. Very easy and made LOTS!

From: Aaliyah
26 November 2009
Mmm Yummy

From: Manisha
30 November 2009
These are the best!

From: Janet
05 December 2009
I made these gingerbread men with my three year old son and they are really lovely. So easy to make and so enjoyable that we went on to make another
batch! Thank you for a great recipe!

From: Emily
6 December 2009
Delicious! Thank you!

From: Dan
9 December 2009
I made an army of gingerbread men... now time to eat them all! Thanks for the recipe :)

From: Sam
6 December 2009
Wow I loved them so much!

From: Chloe
12 December 2009
Thank you so much. Me and my friend had a whale of a time, In fact let me tell you this for free, they are in the oven right this minute and we are in hysterical laughter over the enjoyment we had. I just can't  think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. This has made my life far more easier. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!

From: Chloe
7 December 2009
Yum - although next time we'll be putting in more ginger (I'd already doubled the quantity to a whole teaspoon) to give it more kick. My toddler loved pressing out the shapes and it made two baking tray's full (with some more to spare).

From: Lauren
7 December 2009
I hope this ginger bread  men recipe is good because I have to do them for cookery lol x.

From: Louise
8 December 2009
They're Yummy, especially nearer to Christmas :D

From: Nic
8 December 2009
Great taste, and very easy to make with the kids.

From: Fac
10 December 2009
This is the best ginger bread men recipe in the world!!!!!!!

From: Kitty Foster
11 December 2009
These were so easy to make and tasted amazing!! Thank you so much for this fantastic recipe!!! Even for a novice baker these are fabulous to do.

From: Alexandra
12 December 2009
Made these with my girls (aged 3 & 7) today, we had great fun with the simple recipe which meant that they could participate at every step. They made loads of gingerbread men and loved decorating them with chocolate drops, icing and Smarties afterwards! Next time I would add a little more ginger as we all agreed that we couldn't taste it very much but this is very much down to personal opinion :0).

From: Debika
13 December 2009
Tasted divine! Thank you for a really simple recipe, Everyone loved them!

From: Luai
14 December 2009
Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much for this ginger bread men recipe. I had fun with my cousin eating those yummmmmmmyyyyyyy thank u.

From: Michelle
15 December 2009
Brilliant! They were really easy to make and taste like they've just come from the shop, yummy :).

From: Gemima
15 December 2009
Wow!!! They were so tasty!!!

From: Soni
18 December 2009
It is great and simple pimple.

From: Linda
20 December 2009
They were so easy to make and taste yummy.

From: Jo
21 December 2009
Made this gingerbread men recipe with my 4 children and they had a great time.
Very messy but they all loved the finished biscuits.

From: Not Known
21 December 2009
It is a great help, we been 2 hundreds of sights trying to find the recipe.

From: Liz Kennedy
21 December 2009
They are just cooking, my 5 year old is in her element, and the kitchen's a right pickle! Best clean up before the decorating starts!, and then I'll no doubt need to do it all over again! Great fun!

From: Michelle
21 December 2009
These are great!! I printed this recipe and make some fantastic gingerbread men a few months ago but then lost it and am so glad I've found it here again!!!

From: Anala
21 December 2009
They were fab so simple to make thank u for the easy steps.

From: Nils
21 December 2009
Yum yum yum: Made these with my dad and they are the best. Going to make heart shaped ones as presents with the leftover dough.

From: Jess
22 December 2009
it is  very good.


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