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Banana Cake  Recipe Comments Page 1
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 Banana Cake Recipe Comments Page 1

We've received too many comments to include all of them on the main banana cake recipe page. So, the older ones are included on this page below.

7 November 2010 From: Diane Barnes
This Banana Cake recipe is a winner with my family. My daughter took some to work for her friends to try, now i get a regular order, mam make some more, delicious.

7 November 2010 From: Banana Cake Lover
Yummy Cake Thank You.

19 November 2010 From: Marciel
It's my first time to bake a banana cake from your recipe, quite easy and practical. My husband and my only daughter loves it so much and they ask me to make this cake more often! Thanks a lot.

24 November 2010 From: Cake Nut
Have made this cake a few times now. It's fantastic, very popular with all the family.  It comes out very well with wheat free, gluten free flour. I've doubled the amount of oil because I like cakes that are more moist and I've added vanilla.  A great recipe. Thanks.

2 December 2010 From: Jacks
Quick and easy to make.... lovely and moist will keep recipe :O)

4 December 2010 From: Christine and Jamie
We are from Trinidad and Tobago and we found this amazing recipe out of this world!! We added some peanut butter though. We though this made it extra special. Definitely recommend it to the whole wide banana cake world! Peace.

5 December 2010 From: Ambika
I like this banana cake n thanks for this lovely recipe. Because of this recipe can make cake.

9 December 2010 From: H.
Just a bit of pedantry - soft brown sugar is not Demerara; it's Muscovado! Demerara is large granules of raw sugar, otherwise known as coffee sugar. I suppose either would work, but the taste/texture will be slightly different.
Comment: Pedantic maybe, true definitely. We have amended the recipe to remove the reference to soft brown sugar which would, as you say, be Muscovado. We used Demerara sugar not Muscovado. We also updated our sugar article because a bit of research indicated that sugar labelled simply "brown sugar" is in fact white sugar with molasses added. The plot thickens!

25 December 2010 From: Jamie
It was really yummy.

25 December 2010 From: Neil
Absolutely gorgeous, I have now made 2 and will be making more!!

08 January 2011 From: Mai Irene
I enjoy baking n I really enjoyed this banana cake recipe.

11 January 2011 From: Debbie
I'm not really one to bake, but for my boyfriends birthday I made him this cake, he was very impressed! Fab recipe. Thanking you, from Ireland :)

12 January 2011 From: Yakubu
To me is gorgeous, wonderful, great and it has a lot of enrichment values in human body that is the secret of all recipes pls to me like I said elier is 100%.

15 March 2011 From: Laura B
Amazing recipe. Went down a treat.

27 April 2011 From: Sunny Smith
Found this recipe a year ago. Its was my very first Banana cake that I've ever made, it is very easy to follow the recipe, simple method but it's fabulous result. This is 1 of my favourite cake recipes at all time.

3 October 2010 From: John Monteiro
I am new to baking, as a retired person I had to find a hobby, I started with this banana cake recipe of yours! So easy to make, thanks for the tips, and the cake turned out a treat! Thanks again!

16 October 2010 From: Sprout
I live in China and have never done any baking before, I followed the steps and made the first cake in my life, it is so delicious and so easy to make. The only thing I am not sure is the banana cake I buy from the shops is more moist than what I've made. Maybe it's because I baked it for a bit too long? Maybe I need to put more olive oil in next time. Anyway, great recipe and thank you!

17 October 2010 From: Sarah Kirk
I wanted to make some cakes with my daughter and came across this recipe and had all the ingredients in the cupboard so we set to making it. Everyone loved it and was asking for me to make it again straight away.
Thanks a lot I've actually make something all 9 kids and me and my husband like.

19 October 2010 From: Holtie
Nice, very nice.

7 November 2010 From: Ian Omay
Followed the instructions and i could not believe how it was so easy and tasted lovely.

From: Laura
18 August 2010
Wow, this banana cake is lovely, thank you. I'm 17 and I thought it was lovely - made it at uni!

From: Koshua
31 August 2010
This recipe is really simple and it tastes really good the only alteration i made was adding almonds instead of walnuts or sultanas. Thanks for this recipe.

From: Michele
6 September 2010
Yep - Yum Yum - It has great height, texture and taste. This is a print and make often.

23 September 2010 From: Floripes

From: Lyn Davies
26 June 2010
All my family love this cake, even the ones who are not cake fans. I added coconut to the recipe, this also works well. Delicious. mmmmmmm

From: Lee lee
5 July 2010
This cake is FANTASTIC!! Banana cake is my fave, tried out this recipe and it went down well!! Thanks a lot x.

From: Alex
22 July 2010
Made this banana cake last week and it was amazing so much so that it was gone by the very next day! This is such a fantastic recipe and I would recommend it to everyone!!! thanks a lot :)

From: Lauren
28 July 2010
I am Lauren Pearn I am 14 years old, I have just made this banana cake. Its 11:10 at night and felt the need for a cake and i have never tried banana cake so I though I'd give it ago as my friends told me it's delicious x.

From: Lyn
28 July 2010
Make this all the time now. Goes down a treat where I work - they can't get enough of it.

From: Arman
4 August 2010
Amazing banana cake recipe!!!! Making it for the past three days and it is simply vanishing before it even cools down properly! Easy to make and simply delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

From: Jennycarnie
4 August 2010
It was easy to get the ingredients together but the cake is still taking ages to cook but it is nicely risen tho will taste it when it's done.

From: Caroline M
5 August 2010
Made this banana cake today as I had some over ripe bananas in the fruit bowl. I didn't have walnuts so I crushed some cashew nuts and used dried cranberries instead of sultanas! Fabulous! xx

From: Tracy
7 August 2010
Just made that lovely banana cake, consistency was great. I added cherries instead of sultanas, it's in the oven right now, I know its gonna be great!

From: Poppy Halliday
7 August 2010
I am 9 years old and followed this banana cake recipe with my dad but instead of making this icing we made butter cream icing it made delicious! I will definitely make it again. Yummy yummy in my tummy!!!

From: Naheed
21 May 2010
Too delicious, we loved it thanks a million.

From: Eleanor
31 May 2010
It took me a lot longer than I thought it would but it was definitely worth it! :0)yum.

From: Sabrina
31 May 2010
My family loved this Banana Cake. My sister helped me it tasted banana my sister says I'm a monkey because I ate the most. It tasted lovely not how I expected. I gave it a little icing.

From: Sabrina
2 June 2010
I'm 12 and just made this Banana Cake for my family and they all loved it! I didn't add any other ingredients, but it tasted a bit moist so I added some custard and it was absolutely delicious! I would recommend it to EVERYONE!

From: Not given
3 June 2010
I made this for my dads birthday and I had to make more xx LOVELY x.

From: Rosemary
3 June 2010
Just finished baking the banana cake now. Very v nice and thank you for sharing this recipe and many others for free. God Bless You.

From: Alruth Browne
4 June 2010
Good job guys.

From: Ashly Tomy
7 June 2010
Hi I am 9 thanks a billion for the banana cake recipe guys. Loved the icing and the cake was heavenly and so so soft and moist. Made for my mum's special dinner for her friends as a surprise and they loved it to bits. My mum called me a star.

From: Kat
1May 2010
Hiya, this cake is yummy v v easy to make with lots of gooey topping...

From: Fozia
4May 2010
Love the banana cake.

From: Tania Morton
8 May 2010
Wow - moist and yummy. I have a family who are not great fans of cake who all raved about this recipe!  More please.

From: Adben12
12 May 2010
Made this banana cake for my work colleagues, they loved it, especially the topping, thanks.

From: Kate
9 May 2010
I like to drizzle toffee sauce on top of the icing, toffee & bananas go so well together! thanks for the recipe!

From: Charliee
13 May 2010
WOW!! what a cake. First found this Banana Cake recipe a couple of months ago, made for mii best bezzie letty and she can't get enough of it!! I'm only a teen and this cake is quick and simple to make with your fab and easy to follow instructions!! Thanks for the recipe!! Love This Cake To pieces!!!!!

From: Asinate
25 March 2010
Can I have the receipt for all the cake.

From: Sabrina
2 April 2010
This banana cake recipe is very good. My cake is really nice and my family want me to make it again. Everyone loved it.

From: Shaz
7 April 2010
Have made this banana cake many times now and it's loved by all the family. I use the veg oil as you can't taste it, with 4 greedy kiddies it never lasts the day, a fab recipe :O)  (_)?

From: Adryen
11 April 2010
My banana cake was awesome. I left out the walnuts though because my boyfriend doesn't like them. Thank you for the recipe :)

From: Shelley
16 April 2010
I bake all the time, used to be my career and I've made a lot of banana cakes, this one was fab. Easy to make, kids helped and could follow it with no probs. Now everyone wants more banana cake. A real family  winner.

From: Arthur John Hollick
18 April 2010
Very nice.

From: Igho Agpogheneta
18 April 2010
Been using this cake recipe for a while now and every single time the response has been we love it. Did you bake that? Thank you very much. One of my favourite recipes. Also microwave for 20 sec and have with ice cream.

From: Frankie G
8 March 2010
I have been using this banana cake recipe for years always receive rave reviews every time. The one I am making today is acting as a Birthday cake so here goes I know it will be well received. Hope she's happy !!!!

From: Kent
13 March 2010
Fantastic, never baked a cake myself b4.. and your recipe made it so easy and it's very tasty. My friends loved it and I really enjoyed it. Thanks.

From: Marie
16 March 2010
Lovely inexpensive banana cake with a difference. Looking forward to recipes cooked in time given. Will use again, thank you.

From: Keith
18 March 2010
Fantastic banana cake. I use dates  not nuts, and a few chocolate chips - works wonders. Not sure whether I should have added the oil.

From: Bethany
19 March 2010
All the family love this recipe a slice in the micro wave for 20 seconds is Gorgeous!

From: Ririen
24 February 2010
This banana cake recipe is so delicious... my husband loved it so much.

From: Jan
28 February 2010
Lovely moist cake, would not put so much olive oil in could taste it, otherwise a lovely cake.

From: Ritz
2 March 2010
Thank you for the best banana cake ever. My family polished it all up and asked me to make another one straight away. lol

From: Alma
2 March 2010
I just made the banana cake. It's so Yum!Yum! I love it! I just follow the instructions and it works! Well done!

From: Fiona
3 March 2010
Very nice, moist and tasty cake - added chocolate chips and was very well received!

From: Jean Baker
4 March 2010
Just made the banana cake and going to give it to my daughter to try, am sure she will enjoy it x.

From: Patrick Rule
5 March 2010
I would leave out the oil and cook it for longer next time as mine didn't seem cooked in the middle. Still, I ate it all, cake is life.

From: Not Known
7 March 2010
The whole house smells amazing...Definitely needs more than 50 minutes to bake. From how it smells though I know it's going to go down well at work tomorrow! Also, an idiot could follow the instructions!...if i can do it...anyone can! Thank you!

From: Sunthorn Smith
12 February 2010
This banana cake recipe is my favourite. My husband and family love it too. It's so easy to make and it turns out just perfect, is moist & delicious. I make this banana cake one every month, thank you;)

From: May
14 February 2010
This recipe works for me!! Many thanks

From: Zita
17 February 2010
It is well explained and easy to do. I love banana cake.

From: Julie Sculf
21 February 2010
I made this banana cake today and it was fantastic, even hubby who hates bananas liked it.  What a winner!!

From: Sabrina
23 February 2010
Just made now... a bit doughey maybe... but tastes really great, I didn't use brown sugar (as there was none in the house) but next time I will. Very easy to follow, love it! x

From: Jan
5 February 2010
Really truly lovely, I think it was the most successful cake I have ever made.

From: JoJo
6 February 2010
I love this banana cake recipe, but I find that one has to keep it in the oven for quite a bit longer than 50 minutes. I sometimes add a bit of rum essence, very tasty!

From: Maria
7 February 2010
This is one of my top recipes! Instead of walnuts (which I like but no-one else does). I add luxury fruit mix and end up with cherries and pineapples, sultanas and raisins on top of the bananas - very exotic! Also, I sometimes substitute up to half of the banana weight with grated carrot because I love carrot cake too. Just gorgeous!!!!

From: Jo Moon
9 February 2010
I tried to make banana cake, the way i thought u made it so I used standard ingredients for vicky sponge and whisked in 1 mashed banana as well. Took 40 minutes to cook but tasted lovely. Next time i will try this way and let you all know the difference ...minus the walnuts ...eurgh yuk !!

From: Speedy Chefs
11 February 2010
This banana cake recipe is cool. My daughter made it but the whole family scoffed it! Yum! Yum!

From: Kerry
5 January 2010
Now a firm favourite with my family and has been made for charity cake sales too! a lovely recipe...many thanks.

From: Gemjay
23 January 2010
I tried this banana cake recipe and its really not nice at all!! I'm really gutted as you have lots of good comments but I'm wondering if the bad don't get thru?? it looks good however but tastes awful :( i tried adding caramel and butter cream but no better xXx.
ANSWER: All constructive and polite comments are printed, good and bad., this is proof for you!

From: Himee
30 January 2010
We always use this recipe and it always comes out lovely! :) Thank you!

From: Lan Lan
2 February 2010
I made this banana cake last week (and another is cooking in the oven now!) & loved it: so moist & easy to make. I avoid recipes using oil as it never works out right so this is perfect.

From: Linda
2 February 2010
The recipe states that you use Demerara sugar if you wish, but this is a crunchy sugar, rather than a soft brown sugar.  Has anyone made it with the Demerara sugar, and, if so, what were the results like?

From: Sarah
4 February 2010
This is really nice simple recipe that my 3 year old son enjoyed doing, although I must admit we added raisins and white chocolate too. Yummy.

From: Keri Spencer
25 November 2009
Lovely recipe - but I wish it was printable, without having to waste ink printing all the stuff I don't need.
ANSWER: Your wish is our command! There is now a printer friendly version. See the link to it at the top (nearly) right of the page. Other recipes will also have this facility soon. Thanks very much for your helpful comments. Sue.

From: Hazel
6 December 2009
Just finished baking this banana cake loaf, its delicious! Especially with a bit of chocolate spread on when it's fresh out the oven. Many thanks :)

From: Ali
9 December 2009
I like the use of oil in this banana cake recipe. I even replaced the 5oz butter with hemp oil  as it makes it healthier, it is very low in all the bad stuff and tastes really nutty. I also used a sugar substitute for fewer calories, and replaced a quarter of the flour with bran flour for
lower GI and more roughage. Added 5 mins to cooking time due to extra density of flour.

From: Simon
16 December 2009
Awesome banana cake! First time I made it, just chucked it all together - came out moist and delicious - eaten in a 4 of us, not just me!

From: Mo Bozier
21 December 2009
I have used this recipe over and over and it is consistently good. I play around with the recipe too, (ie I use cinnamon and a bit of ginger, and I crush brazil nuts, and finely chop some figs in. I also use organic flour and maybe because of the tin I use it takes about one and a quarter hours to cook. Friends love it and so do my boys - thanks for the recipe xx

From: Carey
23 December 2009
The banana cake takes a lot longer to cook in my oven that stated, about an hour and a quarter as suggested above. First time I've made it and it tastes delicious!

From: Claire
1 January 2010
I added a teaspoon of coco powder and a dash of cinnamon, LOVVVVVELY!!!

From: Laura
19 November 2009
One banana, two banana three banana four, Four bananas make a cake and so do many more!

From: Megane
18 November 2009
Easy and looks great....

From: Phoebe Frank
15 November 2009
We have a big family and loved mashing the bananas and everyone had a job to do.

From: Jeanette
13 November 2009
Everybody loves this cake, even them who don't even like bananas!! Does not last long enough to get a second slice!!

From: Joseph
9 November 2009
When I went shopping at the Whole Foods Market at High Street Kensington, I bought a lovely banana cake made by a small family run business, called Respect Organics But this cake was kept on a freezer. I do make cakes at home, and thought I will try and make one banana cake at home. I liked your recipe, and will try and make one. The only thing I did not like is the method of preparation. I always use a blender,
which gives excellent results. Also I did not like the idea of using olive oil or cooking oil. A good creamy butter will do. In my cake making I use whole meal brown flour, and walnuts. This is very healthy. Many thanks


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