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Apple Crumble Recipe Comments Page 1
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 Apple Crumble Recipe Comments Page 1

We've received too many comments to include all of them on the main apple crumble recipe page. So, the older ones are included on this page below.

five star rating
14 October 2012
From: Tascia
My 10 year old loved making it all by himself! thanks :)
five star rating
15 October 2012
From: Betty
Simple and great, thanks.
five star rating
15 October 2012
From: Rajeana
I am 11 years old and i have just learnt how to make a apple crumble in food tech at school it was simple and actually made from meee!!! The appearance of it was mouth watering your website and recipe helped us a lot.
five star rating
4 November 2012
From: Not Given
Brilliant recipe. Clear instructions too! Thanks so much for the video - makes it a lot easier to follow.
five star rating
17 November 2012
From: Jean
Can you use eating apples as I live in Spain and can't get cooking apples?

Yes that's fine, in the USA they use mainly eating apples. Maybe a little less sugar is required because the eating apples are sweeter than cookers.
five star rating
25 November 2012
From: Not Given
five star rating
1 December 2012
From: Keith
Excellent and very clear instructions. I cook a lot of Indian and Chinese dishes, this is the first time I've tried baking anything in an oven and it turned out perfect. Thanks for sharing.
Two star rating
30 December 2012
From: Chelsea
It tasted nice but didn't rise up to my standards

12 October 2011 From: Ron
Easy to follow instructions, exactly as it should be, I just made my first ever crumble, delicious, but perhaps I'll use a little less sugar as it's soooo sweet! but yummy :-)

14 October 2011 From: Vanessa J
Easy to make and very yummy - the whole family loved it! :)

15 October 2011 From: Courtney
Very Simple And Very Tasty Maybe Next Time Add Pears Too.

18 October 2011 From: Kal
I have always wanted to make apple crumble and thought it was hard to do. However, with this easy to follow recipe I have made my third crumble so far. It always tastes great and I now want to make other yummy puddings :-)

19 October 2011 From: Linda
This was lovely and easy to make, I must have used too much margarine, it ended up like a apple cake! But it was so yummy!

20 October 2011 From: Ellie
I'm 8 years old and I just made this with my mam. It was really easy and I hope it's delicious with ice cream because that's what I'll have in 20 mins mmmmmm x

22 October 2011 From: Hope
It was awesome I loved it.. It was excellent!! My family loved it!! Thanks for the recipe... :)

23 October 2011 From: Not Given
Quick, easy and tasty. Brilliant 4 the munchies!

23 October 2011 From: Tuan Nguyen
First time making apple crumble, turned out perfect.

25 October 2011 From: Mourine
It was splendid and I absolutely loved it.

02 November 2011 From: Emily
My name is Emily. I am 11 and have made this apple crumble for my aunty and cousin who have come over to visit from Italy. My mamma and I have made this before and we all loved it. I know my aunty and cousin will love it too.

03 November 2011 From: Not Given
Brilliant tips.

03 November 2011 From: Christina
Thanks for the help, brill crumble and so so easy!

03 November 2011 From: Liv
Excellent and accurate recipe. Extremely delicious. Keep on cooking :)

06 November 2011 From: TexasJon
This is was my first attempt at making an apple crumble, this recipe is so quick and easy to follow and taste delicious.

10 November 2011 From: Rose-Marie
What a fantastic recipe. It has been a big hit with all the family. Although I used slightly less sugar after the first time of making it. It is the perfect comfort food. I love it but my waist does not like it that much lol. Thanks for posting - Rose-Marie

13 November 2011 From: Ellie
I'm 11 yrs old just cooked it on my own very easy and tastes lush!!!!!!

18 November 2011 From: Shookey
Made apple crumble for the first time - got rave reviews!

22 November 2011 From: Kathy
Niceee! :D

24 November 2011 From: Mrs G
Loved it! Thought it was going to be hard as it was my 1st time making an apple crumble. It was so tasty and super easy to make. Definitely a family fave!!!

26 November 2011 From: Kirsten
This was such a simple recipe to make, I made it last weekend and my boyfriend said that it was the best apple crumble he's ever tasted - I have to agree! Making it again tonight for my family - can't wait! Thank you for the recipe! :)

19 August 2011 From: John Simmons
Just made the apple crumble added some Swedish blue berries for a lovely
blue berry and apple crumble - fantastic.

20 August 2011 From: Samina
This recipe is excellent, I recommend this recipe to everyone.

1 September 2011 From: Tracey
Just made this with my 5 n 3yr olds and they loved being able to
help and loved using their hands to make the crumble, now just waiting for
timer to go off and will let you know how it turns out, all good so far :-)
The best part we used apples from our tree in the garden :-) and we had all the other items in the cupboard so didn't cost us a thing :-D

15 September 2011 From: Jessica
Fab and really easy recipe to do with the kids especially as we grow
bramleys and blackberries in our garden! X.

20 September 2011 From: Jo P
Hmm delicious, the best recipe ever! Thank u!

22 September 2011 From: Sarah
Fab recipe, added a few chopped nuts on the top, very yummy.

25 September 2011 From: Wendy
I always used to make crumble with soft brown sugar as it turned out a bit like toffee apple flavour. I tried this recipe as I had run out of brown sugar and it was delicious, my second one is in the oven now, 20 minutes to go :-)

25 September 2011 From: Elaine
Great recipe. Very easy to follow and it tasted delicious. Thank you very much. I will definitely be making this dessert again!

25 September 2011 From: Djsummers
Really simple and really tasty.

27 September 2011 From: Bob
Amazing tasted great! I added pears too with it, yummy thanks for the directions.

28 September 2011 From: Subarna
Simple, easy to make and delicious! Thank you!

28 September 2011 From: Pete
I am the worst cool on earth. Really. I followed the recipe and am getting fatter! Delicious - thanks a lot.

28 September 2011 From: Elaine
This apple crumble recipe is excellent, I recommend this recipe to everyone.

29 September 2011 From: Algar
Very clear instructions, simple and helpful. Cooking it tonight with my own twist. Thank you.

4 October 2011 From: Tabby
Really simple recipe, that's easy to follow yet still creates a fantastic dessert. We added some apricots to our apple crumble and it turned out really well. I would definitely use this website again for more ideas.

6 October 2011 From: Ruby
Thank you for the amazing video! has helped a lot:)!

8 October 2011 From: Emma Broughton
Oh my goodness! It is delicious, I'm eating it right this very moment! Great recipe, definitely recommend it!

9 October 2011 From: Bernardo
Easy to follow, even for an oldie like me! best ever apple crumble said the grandkids, Ryan, Lucy, Toby and Lucas.

10 October 2011 From: Not Given
Easy to follow and tastes yummy! I hate cooking but this made it so simple!

12 October 2011 From: Kath
Lovely topping. Thank you.
29 December 2010 From: Kelly
Just made this, very simple, we will see when it comes out the oven I'm hoping its gud.

31 December 2010 From: Lilly Pilly
I did an apple crumble at school and then backed it at home and my family loved so I had a go this recipe for new year and they loved it. I also put brown sugar on top .lilly age 11

05 January 2011 From: Habik
Awesome. Thanks 4 your effort and vid. Nice work. Simple and effective..

11 January 2011 From: Charlie
I've mad a few variations on the apple crumble and this the best crumble mixture. I did add blackberries to it ( which I had in the freezer and then defrosted before adding to the apple ( which I actually cooked in a few tablespoons of water for a couple of minutes to make it like an apple sauce). Delicious.

11 January 2011 From: Luciana
Very good but i have a question: can you use a plastic container and then put it in the oven?????? x
ANSWER: Only use plastic containers in the oven if they are clearly marked as oven proof.

13 January 2011 From: Huda
The best ever apple crumble. Yummy, Delicious.

15 January 2011 From: Elio
Nice simple recipe, the kids and I enjoyed making it! Tip: you can peel and cut the apples any time you like if you just add a little squirt of lemon juice to the cut apples (adding before the sugar, mixing it through with your hands) this will stop the apples from turning brown. Also if you are looking to lower the added sugar content you can use sweet apples such as Pink Ladies (more expensive but nice).

24 January 2011 From: Anthony
This is a very good help I wanted to cook something my friend thank you.

29 January 2011 From: Trixie
This was yummy as i was given some apricots i used them instead yummy too

2 February 2011 From: Mary
Lovely recipe, easy to make, tastes great. I put a little cinnamon in the crumble instead of the apples.

28 February 2011 From: Sandra
Fantastic quick and easy just what i was i looking for ty.

16 March 2011 From: Kourtney
When you cook the apple crumble would juice come out of the apple and NOT be all crumbley and dry  ! ? x (p.s please try to answer this question xoxo).
ANSWER: The apple juice falls to the bottom of the dish so the crumble stays dry and deliciously crumbly.

13 April 2011 From: Anita Noon
Have just followed recipe very nice !!!!

29 July 2011 From: Dawn
Was really easy to make, this was my first attempt at making any
sort of cake, impressed my partner and daughter, it was really yummy too.

12 August 2011 From: Courtney
Easy AND fab. I'd recommend this 2 evry1.

18 August 2011 From: Kenny Marsh
Majestic worked a treat, my mate had a apple tree and it had to be
Va-Va-Voom, Kidder

8 November 2010 From: Amreen
Very good, its good if you sprinkle a bit of sugar on top before sticking it in the oven....

14 November 2010 From: Anna
This is now my recipe, I have made apple crumble using your recipe twice. My daughter feels the crumble is not crunchy enough but my son and myself beg to differ. Delicious & a simple recipe.

14 November 2010 From: Kirsty Alton
It looks good it tastes good it is good. I can not say nothing more.

14 November 2010 From: Not Given
Awesome!! i knew how to do it i did it in he it was the bomb just wasn't sure bout the butter and flour bit though u had to add something ty great recipe.

14 November 2010 From: Not Given
lol!!! It was great and i enjoyed making it.

21 November 2010 From: Not Given
Well me and my family are so excited for the next time we have have this apple crumble pudding again and that was really nice.

23 November 2010 From: Chris
This was my first apple crumble ever. Quite easy and turned out delicious. Who would have thought butter, sugar and flour tasted good together ;) Thanks!!

3 December 2010 From: Erin
This recipe was really easy to make and it was truly scrumptious and i will certainly be making it again. My whole family enjoyed it!!! Best ever!!!

4 December 2010 From: Not given
I use this recipe over an over again and i love it and so does my family !

5 December 2010 From: Laura
Great fun to make and taste so delicious thnx for this recipe. now I make one every week.

6 December 2010 From: Roch
First time I've made apple crumble and it seriously was spot on. This recipe is easy and excellent.

10 December 2010 From: Jordan
Cheers for the recipe i used it for my food tech course work and it worked a treat cheers again.

 Not Given 11 December 2010 From: Pauline Cruse
Wonderful and so easy. Ideal for unexpected visitors! Yummy.

16 December 2010 From: Pria
wow.. loved it...

16 December 2010 From: Justine-Paula Robilliard
I would like to add that I would award it 6 stars, I modified the recipe a tad, used a portion of the crumble topping to make a base, stuck the base in the oven for a few min to harden, then added canned apples and fresh apples and created the topping with the crumble. Baked for about 25 min, the fresh apples remained crispy, and with the mix of raisons and canned apple there is a real orchestra of flavor, soft and crispy, sweet and cinnamon, nice!!!!! 6/5

 Not Given 26 October 2010 From: Susan Jones
I go by imperial measures so I only used 4oz of butter as stated in requirements...too late after watching video it should read 6oz..never mind in oven now.. hope it'll be ok.
Reply: Apologies about that, the recipe has now been updated to say 6oz of butter. Using less butter will still work, the mixture should end up with slightly larger crumbs.

26 October 2010 From: Not Given
Simple and delicious!

27 October 2010 From: Niamh
I did a surprise for ma mummy and her face went a awesome DE APPLE CRUMBLE WAS YUMMY.

28 October 2010 From: Not Given
Thanks for the recipe , it came out perfect and tastes great , I used less butter for a lighter crumble. I also added the cinnamon (it's a must ).

29 October 2010 From: Ellie
Making this apple crumble was sooo easy! I'm only 12 and i haven't made a crumble on my own before it was really easy! And I managed to get it done before mom came home and i gave her a surprise! Everyone loved it thanks for the recipe i will be using it again soon! :)

31 October 2010 From: Dave Williams
Worked a treat!

31 October 2010 From: kk
It was very good, it came out the way I wanted it to.

1 November 2010 From: Ailish
Foolproof. Great job.

2 November 2010 From: Pat Pending
Aha!  my maths is found out!  Maybe I have invented a "low carb" recipe or something!

2 November 2010 From: Joei
I love this apple crumble recipe, easy, quick and spot on what you need, the result are awesome !!

5 November 2010 From: Not Given
very very very very very very exlent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 November 2010 From: Michelle
REALLY easy and tastes gorgeous!!!  My fiance pesters me to make it all the time now, lol.

16 October 2010 From: Niamh
Delicious - as a few people have mentioned I had to add flour, and it didn't break up into crumbs until after I added the sugar, but other than that small quibble this is a fab recipe with really great results.

16 October 2010 From: Not Given
I thought all apple crumbles were the same, but this is especially good! I think it's the perfect amount of butter that does it. I'm making it for the second time tonight.

17 October 2010 From: Sue
Very easy to follow, tasted just like mum used to make.

17 October 2010 From: Janet
Have to agree with Sam that it needs more flour to make the texture crumbly. I didn't add any more sugar.  Excellent flavour.

19 October 2010 From: Lucy
I wanted an easy Apple Crumble recipe and this really couldn't be easier, add the cinnamon and it is 1 of the best crumbles I have ever tried!

22 October 2010 From: Not Given
Very good and easy to make it was very delicious :)

23 October 2010 From: Brian Taylor
My son said it is the best apple crumble he has tasted full marks *****

24 October 2010 From: Sunny
I love it! the clear and easy steps actually motivated me to bake it! Thank you so much.

24 October 2010 From: David Pratt
I last cooked apple crumble 25yrs ago at school but my mother gave my son cooking apples and he has drove me mad so I tried your recipe today and it was perfect. Thank you.

10 October 2010 From: June
OMG, this Recipe For Apple Crumble Was So Niceeee!! Made This 3 Times Already, I Just Cant Get Enough Of It!! LOVEE ITT!! =]

Not Given 11 October 2010 From: Mia
I tried this apple crumble recipe, but altered it slightly too. I always stew my apples in a SMALL amount of water and a lot more sugar! I like the apples more 'mushy' tho. Crumble is a great recipe and people never realise how easy it is to do and it tastes AMAZING! A very English dish :) I usually only ever have custard, but my friend is a chef and she makes her own ice cream which was delicious. Whatever the mix you have to have HOT pie if you are having it with ice cream. YUMMY!!!

11 October 2010 From: Mo
So easy to make, can't believe I've never made it before. Instructions were spot on, thanks very much!

Not Given 12 October 2010 From: Lil
This apple crumble recipe is fantastic and delicious. I made them with my 20 mth old granddaughter she loved them : )

12 October 2010 From: Rose
Really easy recipe and the family really enjoyed it!

14 October 2010 From: Glennis
Instead of oats in the crumble mix - put in desiccated coconut - yummie.

15 October 2010 From: Mariyah
It's in the oven now!! Me and my sister looked at the recipe and it seemed interesting so here's hoping it tastes like it too :D

Not Given 16 October 2010 From: Lee
i needed to add more flour but instructions were very simple to follow. Thanks I am the boy in the kitchen.

16 October 2010 From: Amy
It's delicious it makes me dribble, can I have another slice.

16 October 2010 From: Ian
Very nice indeed but the crumble was a disaster for me.....I will keep trying :-)

28 September 2010 From: Gaynor
I never knew that apple crumble was so easy to make. Thanks for making it so simple and easy to follow, it tastes absolutely delicious. I will be making this again!!

28 September 2010 From: Françoise
A very nice simple recipe for French people; delicious crumble!

28 September 2010 From: Charlotte
I used this recipe once before and am making it again tonight. I couldn't get enough of it. I ate the whole crumble myself in 1 go.

30 September 2010 From: Sam
Although the apple crumble came out ok the crumble needed more flour because with the measurements given it came out like a dumpling, so I had to add extra flour and sugar. Other than that, very tasty dish and I will use it again.

1 October 2010 From: Grainne Moran
Have to say that it is a great recipe. Made it last night to use up apples that were given to me by a friend. Needless to say it didn't last too long, gobbled up immediately. My husband sat and ate it out of bowl. I cooked it and made two more apple crumbles this morning. Lovely simple recipe easy to follow, that's what I like.

1 October 2010 From: Kelly
Really good recipe, first time I've ever made a crumble and it was polished off by the family! Thoroughly enjoyed! Looking forward to trying some other recipes from this site :o)

1 October 2010 From: April
I made this apple crumble recipe, it was very hard so it took me 2 hours to prepare. I then ate it and it was delicious so I made it the next night. This time it only took me 25 minutes. I then put some yogurt, raisons, apples , cherries and rhubarb. After wards I sprinkled the top with grated chocolate it was delicious but I was sick the next day. I dont think it was the apple crumble though thanks yummy :)

2 October 2010 From: Bob Jen
Thanks for the recipe, easy instructions an straight forward.

3 October 2010 From: Kendall
Absolutely AMAZING! I organized a competition MINE VS M&S's.
Mine Won!!!

5 October 2010 From: David
Wow. Easy and impressive.

5 October 2010 From: Zoey Glencross
i have made an amazing apple pie at school and this turned out better.

6 October 2010 From: Christine Cassidy
I made this at the weekend, my first time every making an apple crumble. The recipe was so easy to follow, the apple crumble turned out wonderful, thank you for sharing the recipe.

8 October 2010 From: Zora
I never knew crumble was sooo simple! My mum's always made it seem a lot more work, cheeky woman!

10 October 2010 From: Olive
Absolutely delicious.  Adding some finely chopped nuts to the crumble mix makes it even scummier!!

10 October 2010 From: Keeley Winter
I would say this recipe is going to be great looking at all the comments, can't wait to eat my apple crumble which is waiting for me in the oven.

24 September 2010 From: Arnold
I'm 82, made this 3 times now, gave some to one of my daughters and she said it was great - better than what mother made.

24 September 2010 From: Barry
Just like gran's and with no additives.

25 September 2010 From: Beverley
My son decided he wanted to make an apple crumble as we have a cooking apple tree that is full of apples. Couldn't find my cook book, searched the web and this recipe popped up. Well my son's apple crumble turned out better than the one's I used to make. Love the fork idea for the crumble as I found using fingers made it too lumpy. My son Luke is 13 and he has 3 crumbles in the oven as I leave my comments. Thank you for this recipe.

25 September 2010 From: Kirsty
This recipe is sooo easy! Just wanted to point out too that on PatPending's comments she states that 2/3's of the sugar to add to the crumble is 80g. This is incorrect. Its actually 120g. (180/6=30g per oz). Thanks so much for this recipe though! I made it for my bf's parents when they came over for dinner and they were very impressed! :)

26 September 2010 From: Sandra
Brilliant apple crumble recipe. It's so easy and yet tastes so much better than others I've tried. Really love it with the cinnamon and oats added.

26 September 2010 From: Gemma
Love it.

26 September 2010 From: Paula
This is a fabulously easy and absolutely delicious recipe! This is the fourth time I've made it in as many weeks! I'm totally addicted! Have the latest apple crumble in the oven as we speak. The 40 mins seem to take FOREVER! I've had a burnt tongue for the last 4 weeks and in about 30 mins I'm about to do it again! Thanx for this great recipe. YUM!!!

27 September 2010 From: Becky
Really easy recipe to follow and tasted great! Had to add extra flour to the crumble mixture though!!

27 September 2010 From: Julie Adams
OMG i left a comment a while ago to say that I was going to do my husband a treat with the apples. I have just made the apple crumble, it's fantastic and I'll be making all my family one. Thank u x

14 September 2010 From: Phil
A note to PatPending: There is no yeast in Self Raising Flour. It contains Baking Powder, which is primarily Bicarbonate of Soda.
A note to Paul: If your crumble came out like pastry, you must have either used the wrong quantities or not used the right technique.  Just rub the flour and marge with your fingertips.  And it wasn't a waste - you could have rolled it out and covered the apples with it and you would have had Apple Cobbler instead. Never assume ingredients are wasted if things don't turn out quite right.

14 September 2010 From: Kay & Mel
Very good and easy to find. Thank YOU.

Not Given 14 September 2010 From: Michelle
Thanks just made this chocolate cake - easy to follow with lovely pictures. Baking at the moment - can't wait.

15 September 2010 From: Karen G
Really easy recipe, my 1 year old daughter couldn't get enough, the apple crumble was polished off instantly with my husband and son too. Thank you x

15 September 2010 From: Not Given
We all loved it and very easy to make, thank you:)

16 September 2010 From: Maggie
I made this recipe for the first time last night and the family thoroughly enjoyed it.  The recipe I tried before you had to add a touch of water and I always found it soggy but this recipe is first class.

17 September 2010 From: Georgia
I think its really simple and would use it again.

19 September 2010 From: Kimberley
I decided to give your recipe a bash and made the apple crumble for my family. They enjoyed it so much they want some more. Thank you for your very easy step by step instructions. Some are very difficult to follow. But yours was very simple. Thank you once again.

19 September 2010 From: Joline
This apple crumble was by far the best ever. I used the apples from the tree in my back garden i put the oats in as well. GREAT. I also tried the grill technique and my 8 kids loved it.

20 September 2010 From: Andy
First time cook! Easy to follow instructions, thanks.

21 September 2010 From: Ayesha
Loved it once again as I said on august 15 last time.

23 September 2010 From: Matt
Hi, its been 20 odd years since I've done apple crumble. Off work, bored. Thanks.

23 September 2010 From: Trish Willock
Hi I'm 11 and I love too cook. This recipe was awesome. I made it for me and my dad and we really, really, really loved it xxx.

23 September 2010 From: Emma
Great recipe easy to make and tastes lovely especially with the oats!!

3 August 2010
Hi I'm nath and I'm 12 and this recipe is wonderful, thanks nath :)

8 August 2010
Hi, I just tried your apple crumble recipe with rhubarb, but I pre-cooked the rhubarb for about five minutes beforehand to break it down slightly, and it was just as delicious. Thank you so much.

10 August 2010
Hi I am Jasmine and I am 10 and I baked this recipe by myself. It was easy.

15 August 2010
This apple crumble recipe is fantastic. I made this with my sis who is 7 and she had it with ice cream and she loved it. Thanks.

Stuart Buck
16 August 2010
Absolutely love this apple crumble recipe - simple, well laid out and has produced some lovely crumbles. Just had to comment this time as I've used this recipe several times and it rocks! Cheers :D

21 August 2010
I love 2 cook so I made this for my family, it was very tasty.

22 August 2010
My husband said it's the best apple crumble he had ever had (the added oats made a real difference!). I am now baking the second one this fortnight!

31 Aigust 2010
I've just used this recipe and used the apples from my tree in my back garden, it was amazing, thanks xxx

Vicki Jade
3 September 2010
Wow how easy! This apple crumble recipe is fantastic. The only hard thing is me not burning it. Haha Cheers

3 September 2010
I want to say thank you for an easy recipe. It was clear to understand and easy to make. Soo yummy  mmmmmm

Ryan S
4 September 2010
Thank you very much for the recipe. I love cooking and found this to be a very lovely crumble when made. Thank you for experimenting to make this so easy and lovely for me and everyone else. Many thanks. Lovely crumble. Ryan.

5 September 2010
A very simple, amazing and brilliant apple crumble recipe. I made this for my family and they love it. Made two days in a row due to request. I reduce the sugar amount for the crumble to 90g and 45g for the apple as they prefer it to be less sweet. It tastes really good. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

John & Gill
5 September 2010
Really easy, thanks, we made it with plums.

John & Gill
5 September 2010
Sorry, by the time I had finished mixing flour with marg it resembled pastry more than a crumble mix. Was of no use what so ever, just a waste of ingredients. Paul.

Richard Adkins
5 September 2010
My 10 year old daughter Megan made this for my wife Nicola and I. I had to help with the knife work and the oven but Megs did the rest. I must say this is the best apple crumble i have ever tasted! Well done Megs! Richx

6 September 2010
Hi there, I have just made this lovely recipe with my twin boys. After making this it looked lovely, thanks.

7 September 2010
We have just moved to a house with eating apple trees in the garden and this was the first dish we made with them... absolutely delicious... thanks for sharing.

Babbii Cripz
10 September 2010
Heeyi luvd it. It was tasty and now I can't stop makinqq it.

Pauline Blackford
10 September 2010
Very tasty apple crumble, just like mother used to make. Takes me back years. Thank you. Pauline.

Sally Owen
28 June 2010
What a simple, lovely recipe. Thank you.

2 July 2010
Hey I tried your cake and it was delightful. Thank you and you are a great cook xx.

Not given
6 July 2010
I have made this numerous times and it is always a super hit. Everyone LOVES IT. Thanks for sharing!

7 July 2010
When my husband visited England, he ate this wonderful dessert. He begged me to make this at home for him. So I searched for an easy recipe. It was easy, thanks to the pictures, but so delicious! It tasted like my husband had eaten it in your beautiful country.

Mike Sudbury
10 July 2010
Just cooked the apple crumble and even if I do say myself it was "brilliant!!" In addition the web site is easy to navigate and the menus are clear and easy to understand. Many thanks.

10 July 2010
it's a dull Saturday afternoon and decided to spend some us time with my 11yr old and make your apple crumble, it's in the oven now and smells lovely. Thank you xx

17 July 2010
The best recipe for apple crumble, so tasty and easy to make. Thank u so much xx.

23 July 2010
Hi there, mmmm mm mmmmmmm just put the apple crumble in the oven. We just can't wait, the aroma is already drifting round my home, thx yours kevin.

Che Lily
3 May 2010
I followed the recipe n it was great! Thanks

10 May 2010
Adding chopped almonds to the crumble mixture along with vanilla essence gives the crumble an added crunch and the vanilla makes it smell delicious!

18 May 2010
This apple crumble recipe was so simple to understand and very easy then to get my 3 year old to help, thank you.

Not Given
17 May 2010
I'm 12 YEARS old, I made this recipe for a school project and I got A*. THANKS

17 May 2010
Very easy to follow, tastes yummy.... I even mash it down for my 9month old!

29 May 2010
I'm now 12 but I''ve made this twice before, once in school and the other at home when I was 11 and it was as easy as pie (or as easy as "crumble"). I would make it a third time now but I realised I ran out of flour after I opened the tin (I don't like making it with apples I cut myself).

30 May 2010

1 June 2010
Lovely thanks. :)

No name
3 June 2010
I made this apple crumble recipe for my dad's birthday and I had to make more xx. LOVELY!

21 June 2010
Thanks a lot for posting this recipe I enjoyed making it and eating it. It was easy and fun to make, I will defiantly make it again. Emma from London, England.

17 April 2010
I have just made this apple crumble and I must say that it is the best I have ever tasted.

17 April 2010
IOmadaizzz its sooooo easyy i made it 4 ma skl projet n da whole of ma class was scoffin it dw thxxxx breeeee nyccccc xx

Courtenay Pollock
19 April 2010
I've made an apple crumble for my fiancé because today is his first day in his new job and he just loves apple crumble! I love this recipe!!

21 April 2010
Just got this Apple Crumble in the oven, I'm 40 yrs old and have loved Apple Crumble since first making it at school when I was 13. There is never any left it tastes so goood!!

23 April 2010
The nicest crumble I ever tasted, thanks.

Liana Baker
28 April 2010
Apple crumble is one of the easiest recipe to produce. I got a really gooooooooooood level 4 and ma m8tes loved it.

27 March 2010
Have just made this recipe for 2 times. It's so easy!

4 April 2010
Apple crumble is by far my favourite but I too only ever bought them but never again. I can't wait to try out the rhubarb crumble and more. THANKS.

Food Lover
8 April 2010
I loved this recipe. I'm 10 yrs old. I luv 2 cook and this 1 of my fav recipes. It's so easy!!!!!!

8 April 2010
It's taken me longer to peel the apples. :(

10 April 2010
Really lovely apple crumble, I made it using frozen apples from the freezer, will always use this recipe now for apple crumble Thank you.

Adam Greenwood
13 April 2010
I cooked the apple crumble and it was so easy it was my first try at cooking it and 1st time of trying apple crumble now its my favourite dish. Thanks luvv u lotsss xxx

Nick P
6 March 2010
Awesomely Good! Took about 2 and a half hours all told but worth it. I added a bit of brown sugar to the crumble and a few blueberries and half a plum to the bottom bit and it has come out really good... Hear my lips smack!!
Thanks :)

Pia Johnson
8 March 2010
I am 12 and i have just made apple crumble for my dad when he comes home from work because he is such a great dad and he never gets anything special so I made him his own apple crumble made by me, it's in the oven at the moment and I'm sure daddy will let me have a bit when he gets in :) x

13 March 2010
Delish....I add vanilla and fresh orange juice to my apples and cinnamon to the crumble.... enjoy.

13 March 2010
It's so simple, I even made it and I'm only 13 and the result was amazing. It was my first apple crumble I made and I will do again with this recipe.

Not Given
14 March 2010
I added coconut flakes to my crumble mixture and raisins to the apples.  It looks delicious. I didn't use my fingers to make the crumble.  Doing it with a fork gave me nice crunchy lumps that I wanted on my crumble topping. No need to put under grill. when it's cooked raise the oven temperature and it browns nicely. I cooked my apples first too to get rid f some of the water and added a spot of baileys.  yum yum yum.

Erin Anne Bradley
14 March 2010
I made this at school a few weeks ago and made it today ( this recipe ) for Mothers Day. It's fab, really light and fluffy crumble thank you.

18 March 2010
A very good friend recommended this to me. I've just made it and it smells fab, thanx.

18 March 2010
I've made this apple crumble twice now and added cinnamon this time. It's to die for yum!

Joshua Lowry
23 March 2010
I am 2 3/4 years old, me and my mummy made your apple crumble recipe for granny and grandad. It was easy to make and tasty lovely. I made the crumble using my hands it was the best fun!

Gloria Bellingham
28 February 2010
Wow, never made one in my life, have been buying frozen from Asda, me and my partner both said it is the best we have ever tasted, yum yum. Gonna make it when I have my next dinner party, I feel like Brea
Vandacapp from desperate housewives. ha lol!! xx

28 February 2010
First of all Patpending needs shooting as sarcastic remarks like hers are not needed or indeed wanted on a site trying to help other people. Anyway great site thanks for the tips on crumble mix, I'm on my way to the kitchen right now to make a summer fruit crumble. Thanks.

2 March 2010
I tried this recipe because my children asked if I could make apple crumble. I had never made it before and so surfed for an easy recipe and this one caught my eye. Have to say, it turned out perfectly delicious and I want to thank you for this wonderful recipe. I would like to learn to make some other stuff from you, like scones for example. Thanks and God bless!

4 March 2010
My first apple crumble, so easy and really delicious with fresh cream. Thank you.

From: MaryLou
4 January 2010
Great, easy to follow recipe - really tasty :)

From: Pauline
6 January 2010
Am making this again sat so will try cream and ice cream with it. It is so easy to make xx.

From: Amanda Ti
7 January 2010
Wooow nice and easy, not to mention yummmy!!!  Eating it now and it's lovely.. Better than the shops. The only thing I would do different is to do the crumble last. As by the time I did the apples the crumbles got too soft and the butter stock got to sift so it's lumps of crumbles not fine crumbles. Above all nice...

From: Laura
9 January 2010

From: Danny & Kerry
11 January 2010
Made the crumble from your instructions - It came out great! Many thanks : ).

14 January 2010
Yum yum had such a nice crunch to it. I used rolled oats and it made the crunch thank you.

17 January 2010
Thanks for sharing this apple crumble recipe with me. Husband at work this weekend so this will be a great surprise when he returns today!!!

20 January 2010
Awesome recipe, thanks.

22 January 2010
This apple crumble recipe forgot the brown sugar.

22 January 2010
Easy to follow and I'm sure it will be easy to eat :D it's in the oven right now. Thanks so much.

Conner Gibson
7 February 2010
It's the best apple crumble I've tried.

Liz Graham
7 February 2010
Add a few cloves before adding the crumble, gives it a lovely taste. Recipe so easy to follow. Nicest Apple Crumble I've ever tasted. Yum Yum

10 February 2010
I'm not very good at baking. But I follow every step carefully as it's written and it turns out very good. My husband and sister love it :) thanks a lot :)

12 February 2010
Brilliant apple crumble recipe...turned out delicious and I loved it.

Mrs S. Boswelly
13 February 2010
Mmmmmm mmmm. Oh Yeah! We added blueberries and our faces are happier than those people in your picture.

Hunny Bunny
13 February 2010
Mines in the oven now. Hope its good. But the baking bowl was too big so it only goes in about 1/2 of the bowl & i used normal apples. I really hope its good !!

28 February 2010
Fab apple crumble recipe, so easy to follow. Will use in my cookery club.
From: MaryLou
4 January 2010
Great, easy to follow recipe - really tasty :)

From: Pauline
6 January 2010
Am making this again sat so will try cream and ice cream with it. It is so easy to make xx.

From: Amanda Ti
7 January 2010
Wooow nice and easy, not to mention yummmy!!!  Eating it now and it's lovely.. Better than the shops. The only thing I would do different is to do the crumble last. As by the time I did the apples the crumbles got too soft and the butter stock got to sift so it's lumps of crumbles not fine crumbles. Above all nice...

From: Laura
9 January 2010

From: Danny & Kerry
11 January 2010
Made the crumble from your instructions - It came out great! Many thanks : ).

14 January 2010
Yum yum had such a nice crunch to it. I used rolled oats and it made the crunch thank you.

From: Mrs Lavender
13 December 2009
Thank you so much for sharing this apple crumble recipe. I've made this many times and they're always a hit! For variation, I sometimes add nutmeg and cinnamon with the apples, or sprinkle brown sugar over the crumble. I've
used different kinds of cereals too, from the normal cornflakes to rice krispies and all turned out well :-) I've served it with whipped cream, cream cheese, yogurt and ice-cream.

From: Antonia
18 December 2009
ty sooo much im cooking it now needed to use apples up for something i am only 14 but I'm happy to be able to bake. I can make normal meals and curries, roast dinners and all that, but not so much baking. Anyway ty sm bye :)

From: Munashe
24 December 2009
I think this recipe is great Guys fellow this recipe your apple crumble will be great. Coolcat xxx

From: Pauline
2 January 2010
Just had friends for dinner and made apple crumble 4 desert. It was the best I've ever made. They finished it all, just not any left 4 me x. p.s.  best with custard.

From: Erica
4 January 2010
Nicely written recipe. Mine is in the oven right now :-).

From: Maria
02 December 2009
Best apple crumble recipe I could find and it tastes delicious.

From: Amanda
02 December 2009
I'm in a British Literature class in the U.S. and we are
bringing in British food to class this Friday. My friend and I are going to try this apple crumble recipe! By the looks of the comments, and after converting the measurements, it seems easy enough! Thanks!

From: Hannah
05 December 2009
Wow! Every weekend i make desserts and stuff for my family but I ran out of gas in the kitchen and all these dogdy recipes were telling me to put apples in a pan but thanks so much to whoever put this apple crumble recipe on. It doesn't just taste good and look good, it smells good as well! x

From: John Wayne
07 December 2009
Excellent advice...

From: Ben
13 December 2009
Wow, easy steps and so quick to cook. Now I cook it everyday for desert. Thanks so much.

From: Paul
12 November 2009
Thanks a lot, I will show that girl friend of mine I can cook wish me luck.

From: Andrea
12 November 2009
Tried it (multiplied by 10 to feed 40 people)! It looked worrying as I put it in the oven, was still worried when I took it out - (I even renamed it just in case: 'applava' because the crumble looked like lava from a volcano and it looked like a bit of a palava too, BUT everyone including me adored it! I'm about to repeat bake this week!!! Thanks from a non-expert baker!

From: Kaylie
12 November 2009
Brilliant thanks, i added a little less sugar to the apples though. I used crunchy nut clusters crumbled in with the crumble instead of crushed cornflakes..YUMMY!

From: Conor
14 November 2009
Very great ! Thanks I loved the recipe.

From: Derek
16 November 2009
Well I'm a gay man, never tried apple crumble before. I like this recipe best, I'll let you know how its goes , just put in the oven xx Derek.

From: Stephanie
10 November 2009
Very good clear instructions, my apple crumble is fantastic thank you! I have looked at many other ones and they are kinda awkward. Thanks for the help :D x x

From: Sophie
5 November 2009
I love apple crumble, it is the best pudding ever.

From: David
8 November 2009
This Crumble was easy and tastes great, thanks.

From: May
2 November 2009
Nice clear instructions-Great! I am on holiday in Poland and want to cook a crumble for my Polish friends but as I usually buy a "ready mixed" crumble topping from a supermarket when at home in London I'm stuck. Here they don't sell it (or if they do I can't see it on the shelves and this recipe will enable me to give them a little taste of England-Thanks!! Polish people tend to eat soup and a main course, not main and a dessert/pudding so maybe the crumble will be the start of converting some of them to English style eating? I'm now going to look on cookuk for the recipe to make custard to top off the crumble!!

From: May
29 October 2009
It sounds really good, I've never been able to make apple crumble so I'm going to give it a go today, your recipe really helped (:

From: Peter
1 November2009
Good recipe and clear instructions thanks.

From: Leanne
2 November2009
Great recipe, easy to follow, no fancy ingredients needed, and good tips, thank you.

From: Ezzy
4 November 2009
Tried this recipe, but so much sugar and so greasy - don't try this recipe if you care about your health.

From: Robyn
18 November 2009
I replaced the cornflakes with oats (basic porridge oats!) and got a great texture, and a really super colouring. I also used soft brown sugar in the mix, and threw in a handful of mixed berries. You can add almost anything in here, such a super recipe!

From: Valerie Kamerer
21 November 2009
This is the the way I learned from my mom as a child in England. I just need a refresher course. Hope my family like it for the holidays.

From: Saliha
18 November 2009
Cool thanx 4 the apple crumble recipe. I'm going to make this now, I used to make this when i was little with my big bruv and it's been a long time. I haven't tried this for a long time. I love cooking!! :D

From: Monica
27 November 2009
WOW! just delicious! incredible! perfect! Thank you so much.


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